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DON'T Leave Your Child Alone with a Pediatrician!

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It's just not worth taking the risk!

Dr Earl Bradley

When we heard the SICKENING story of Dr. Earl Bradley, the pediatrician facing more than 400 counts of criminal conduct after allegedly molesting his patients, we were absolutely disgusted. State prosecutors have said there are 103 victims (so far) -- and that 102 of those victims were little girls.

Bradley is accused of videotaping the sex acts while the children's parents waited in another room. OMG, this makes our stomachs turn.

The reason this scumbag was caught in the first place was that a 2-year-old girl told her mom that the doctor had "hurt her" in a basement after her exam.

ABC News reports that according to the child's mother, Bradley first examined the toddler in her presence, but then "removed the victim to the basement of the office, where a toy room is located."

But on the way home from the doctor the mother alleges that her daughter said Bradley had sexually abused her while they were alone in the basement. The girl's father, who had taken to her to a previous appointment with Bradley, also told authorities his daughter had made a similar complaint to him in November.

WHY were these kids left alone with with a pediatrician?

The mother told authorities that she permitted her daughter to be alone with Bradley "because of his position as a doctor" and because she "trusted him."

Should we EVER leave our kids alone with their pediatrician? Pediatrician Dr. Gwenn says kids under 16 are typically accompanied in the exam room by a parent. If your teen feels uncomfortable with you in the room during the physical exam, you can always step out for that portion. If you are uncomfortable leaving your teen alone with the doctor, Dr. Gwenn says you can request that a nurse be present in the exam room in your absence. Dr. Gwenn also says a doctor should never take photos of your child without your knowledge or permission. "Occasionally, I'll ask a patient's parent if I can take a picture of a rare rash, for instance, but I always have the parents sign a photo release and ask them to be present while I photograph the child," she says. "Photos taken behind closed doors without a release form signal that something is just not right here."

Do you ever leave your kids alone with your pediatrician? If so, are you re-thinking that now?

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lainey February 23, 2010, 2:09 PM

Who is leaving their child alone with anyone?

Camille February 23, 2010, 2:12 PM

I AM SOOOO ANGRY WITH THESE PARENTS!!!!! There is no way on God’s beautiful earth I’m leaving my child to be examined by ANYONE! These children will forever be scarred and I pray that these parents (tsk) will find enough courage and brain power to get these children some help. Does anyone ever think about the children anymore? This is so sad. So so sad.

Carolyn February 23, 2010, 2:16 PM

I’m sorry but I honestly can’t comprehend how a parent would leave a child in a room alone with a doctor. I just don’t see any possible reason to do this. Never in a million years would I leave my child alone with a doctor.

Wendi February 23, 2010, 2:33 PM

Never!! No way!! I go in with my kids with all their appointments so matter what kind of doctor. Those poor kids will probably not trust another doctor again.

frank February 23, 2010, 3:22 PM

they should just put a bullet between this fuckers eyes

Jessica February 24, 2010, 7:35 AM

What where these parents thinking??? Are they in their right mind??? under NO circumstances do you ever leave your child alone with a DR it doesn’t matter if they say they trust them. Hello!!! your child is being examined you have to be there to make sure they are not being taking advantege of. I just think all these parents of these 103 kids are IDIOTS now how are they going to take this pain& suffering away from their children. These kids are now going to be traumatized practically for life.

Sandra February 24, 2010, 10:51 AM

I thank God everyday for keeping my kids safe when they are with me and when they are not. With that being said, I still would not leave my kids or anyone elses kids with a doctor anywhere not even an emergency room alone.

God help these young babies heal and forget these tragic horrible acts.

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Maria December 24, 2010, 5:18 AM

I cannot believe there are sick people like this in the world. I wouldnt have left my 2 year old baby with this guy alone. Maria

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