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'Twilight' Mania!

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"Twilight" fans will do anything to feel closer to Edward, Bella and Jacob. These items will definitely make you feel like part of the "Twilight" world -- some maybe a little too much.

Twilight Mania

My Cuddly Vampire

Sometimes a girls just needs a life-size body pillow of a blood sucking vampire without the worry that she'll get bitten.

Move Over Starbucks

Become nocturnal by drinking coffee courtesy of the Volturi. Enjoy their Italian medium dark roast, Bella's Blend™ a medium light roast or New Moon Rising™ a medium dark roast. Drink at your own risk!

It's Not Stalking

Feel safe knowing that you are being watched over or stalked while you sleep. If you are on Team Jacob, he is also available.

Member of the Wolf Pack

Whether you are packing to move to Forks or running off to Italy, show your wolf pride with Wolf Pack Tattoo packing tape.

Be Committed

Show your devotion to Twilight and to your own Edward or Bella with these lamb and lion rings.

Take a Bite Out

Love Jacob or Edward so much you want to take a bite out of them? Sink your teeth into these delicious Twilight cupcakes.

Smells Like Bella

Attract your own Edward by smelling like Bella. This Twilight scent will have vamps lined up around the block for you.

Protect Yourself

Unless you want a little half vampire baby, wrap it up tight with Twilight condoms.

Barbie & Ken Who?

Instead of playing house, play coven with these extremely lifelike Twilight character dolls. Brooding and teen angst sold seperately.

Ultimate Vampire Accessory

Become part of the Cullen clan with these golden contact lenses. Superhuman powers not included.

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Tricia February 18, 2010, 8:37 AM

We were lucky enough to just get sponsored by Emitations to give away a replica of Bella’s engagement ring!

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