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Is My Accelerator Stuck?

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Sometimes my multi-tasking efforts get me in trouble.

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Lori Curley: I am always in a big hurry. In high school, I was always the first one to finish any exam. Yeah, I got a lot wrong -- but I had time to doodle and bother my friends. And I am still at it.

At breakfast, I literally take the ketchup out of my husband's hands as he squirts it on his eggs. I hurry to get it back in the fridge. This way, I am "ahead." I do the same thing as I cook: Crack the eggs, return the carton, use a pan, clean it. To me, a good meal is one that no one knows I made. If I could, I would make the beds while my kids are still in them.

The mail gets the same treatment. No one in our house ever sees a catalog; those go from mailbox to the recycle bin in a matter of seconds. This hyper-speed caught up with me last week when I opened our waffle maker and discovered an old waffle still inside. I must have shoved the appliance into the cabinet while it was still cooking. There didn't seem to be any real damage, so I scraped it out, shot it into the trash can for three points and poured in the new batter -- which got me thinking that maybe my accelerator is stuck.

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alice February 25, 2010, 1:05 PM

I can save you a step: let the kids make THEIR OWN beds!

alice February 25, 2010, 1:11 PM

You can save a step by having the kids make their own beds!

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