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Jenny Sanford Speaks Out to Momlogic

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In her new book, "Staying True," South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford talks about resilience and strength.

In a shocking revelation in her new book, Sanford says her husband refused to take a fidelity vow at their marriage ceremony. She says at first she "questioned" his reluctance, but then "moved past it."

Before announcing their split, Sanford sat down with momlogic to talk about husband Governor Mark Sanford and the affair that devastated her family. She speaks about forgiveness, reconciliation and her intense focus on her children.

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Cheryl February 8, 2010, 5:25 AM

She seems like a nice enough woman, and I do feel bad that her children have to witness this whole thing play out in the media. However, there seems to be a common thread between her, Elizabeth Edwards, and even Hillary Clinton. They all appear to be very intelligent women who almost choose to overlook this character trait in their mates. This is the most glaring one, with her not taking him at his word that he will not be faithful. But all of these men had to be exhibiting signs that they are unable to be faithful to one woman back when they were dating,right? Or are these men so good at choosing spouses that are willing to overlook this character flaw?

elizabeth February 9, 2010, 9:34 AM

Jenny Sanford talks about protecting her family. Granted that her husband’s behavior is selfish and bizarre, but this woman writes a book about her crazy husband and then goes on TV and trashes him. I totally get her anger, but this is the father of her children. Exposing all the foibles and hypocrisy of their father to a national audience is not very protective of them. This should be between her and her therapist.

Sheryl February 9, 2010, 5:50 PM

I bet this woman would ask for a signature before sex - seems oblivious to her that love is first an affinity then an agreement

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