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Do Not Pass Go: Monopoly Gets a Makeover

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Monopoly gets its first major overhaul in 75 years.


Seems like everyone's getting a makeover these days, Dora the Explorer, ketchup packets, Heidi Montag. Now get ready for the most extreme makeover yet: the new  "Revolution Edition" Monopoly.

In honor of turning 75 this February 6, Hasbro's game of corporate greed has undergone a radical overhaul. To start, Hasbro has cut corners -- literally. The new Monopoly game board is now round instead of square. Also, to reflect inflation, properties on the board have been considerably upped in value. Passing go will net you $2 million instead of the usual paltry $200.

And like most redesigns, Monopoly has gone high-tech, and in the process obliterating certain well-worn traditions. Got sticky fingers and like to steal from the bank? No more. All transactions are done electronically. Does that mean we have to start worrying about  Monopoly identity theft?

The new Monopoly Revolution will be available this fall. Until then, check out these classic board games!

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BW February 5, 2010, 4:07 PM

Circles are so FUTURISTIC. haha.

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