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Nevada's First Male Hooker Has Mother Issues

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An undercover reporter "pays" a visit to America's first legal male hooker.

By now you've probably heard about "Markus," our country's first legal male hooker. Stationed at the Shady Lady Ranch in Goldfield, Nevada, this 25-year-old ex-Marine beefcake charges a hefty fee for his "sexual surrogacy" services: $200 for 40 minutes; $300 per hour. 

A little background on Markus: He has major mom issues. Originally from Hatton, Alabama, he says his mother neglected him after his parents divorced when he was little. He broke into male prostitution after an uncomfortable stint in porn -- "It was degrading to women," he says -- to find the intimacy that he lacked. And he lost his virginity at the ripe age of 23. He is an amazing lover, he says, because he was "sensory deprived" by his mother (and presumably makes up for that with his clients -- all of whom, apparently, are female).

An undercover reporter from The New York Post recently "paid" Markus a visit. Here are her eye-opening observations:

•Upon his client's arrival, Markus requests that she take a shower with him and lets him give her a gynecological-like examination (to check that she doesn't have a visible STD). [momlogic note: This tactic is by no means foolproof, FYI.]

•Markus says he doesn't have a romantic life outside the brothel where he lives and works, because he wouldn't be able to perform with a girlfriend. 

•Lubricant is his secret ingredient for making women climax

•Markus doesn't worry about getting his clients pregnant, "because you can feel it when a condom breaks," he says. [momlogic note: Also not foolproof -- as many of you moms can attest!]

•He's a self-professed "healer" and says his lovemaking abilities recently turned his first client -- a 45-year-old woman -- into a "wild bug." 

•For those who were wondering: He's very well-endowed. 

What do you think about America's first male prostitute? Good for women, or just plain tacky?

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Kristin February 13, 2010, 3:59 PM

I think this is great! If women can do it, so can men. (lol, I usually saying it the other way around!) Not that I will be paying a visit, but if you’re into that kind of thing, yay!

GPC February 16, 2010, 11:02 PM

He may have mom issues, but he probably has syphilis or something else unsavory as well. Not to mention a big fat ego…he makes me want to vom in my mouth.

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