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Never Wear a Bra Again

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Breast lifts are so yesterday.


Love your baby but hate what pregnancy did to your breasts? Here's reassuring (if not totally weird) news for women who aren't happy with their boobs but can't stomach the thought of implants or a breast lift.

There's a new surgical technique that functions like a sports bra worn under your skin. The procedure is a breast-lift operation that involves inserting a mesh-like material inside the breast to support its new shape. The material (called Breform) is cone-shaped and prevents the skin from straining, unlike a traditional breast lift which causes the skin to stretch and sag, three years post-op.

"Breform is like a bra cup without the straps," plastic surgeon Dalvi Humzah told The Daily Mail. "Over time, the mesh gets incorporated into the breast as the body produces a fibrous tissue that holds the structure in place - like a permanent bra under the skin."

"The scars are the same as in a traditional reduction and lift, but they don't have the pressure of holding the breast up, as the internal mesh is doing that," she adds. "So it's unlikely the scars will stretch or the breasts will sag again."

The procedure takes four hours under a general anesthetic and requires a two-day hospital stay. As for whether or not this device is safe, we're still not sure. Although a Holland trial composed of 170 women who had the surgery experienced no serious complications, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration wont approve it since generally studies should be followed for ten years to ensure complete safety.


Breform-- Before and After

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lia February 9, 2010, 3:57 PM

Oh my. This is filed under beauty logic. What is beautiful and logical about this?

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C February 9, 2010, 6:31 PM

All these elective cosmetic surgeries make me sad. We all go through the maturing process. It’s normal.

Pam July 5, 2010, 7:05 PM

Why would you want to have that thing inserted under your skin? I would just go for a regular breast lift.

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