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Perfectionists And Prayers Abound On Idol

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Here is s quick recap.

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Momlogic's Vivian: Yo, yo, yo! Your ever faithful American Idolator here with the skinny on the big fat drama on last night's eliminations:

Last night's 181 finalists had to sing in small groups with solos to showcase their vocal prowess. Many resorted to unimaginative, unfortunate monikers that sounded suspiciously like they were conceived by third-graders, among them 'Destiny's Wild,' 'Team Awesome,' 'Big Dreams' and the highly dissonant 'The Dreamers.'

A scandal broke out when one group accused another of snagging their song choice, Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance.' To endure these travesties, the judges had a ball toying with the contestants, asking them to step back and forth endless times before revealing whether or not they'd be through to the next round. A few other groups decided to shoot themselves in the foot by choosing Gwen Stefani's 'Sweet Escape,' and its quickfire lyrics tripped up many a contestant who lacked the gumption, brain cells or talent to make it work.

One of the single moms we wrote about yesterday, Mary Powers, seemed increasingly frustrated by her team's lack of vocal prowess and, in true motherly style, came down hard in her attempt to take control of the sitch and eliminate a few coasting team members -- even to the tune of pissing off the Idol accompanist-for-hire. Hey, we moms have no time for such flaky bullshizzle. At least they climbed out of the box to damage 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac. Some of her fellow 'Dreamers' really did suck, and it was Mary and only one other in her ensemble who were invited to stay. "I love them, I wish them all the best, but I don't ever want to work with them again," she exclaimed.

We didn't hear much from the decidedly less dramatic single mom Crystal Bowersox, save for a nanosecond of her group's rendition of Rare Earth's 'Get Ready.' Apparently there was enough substance beyond that nanosecond to clear the entire group to the next round.

But the easy highlight of the show was the iPod Skypeathon birth of Michael "Big Mike" Lynche's first child -- a girl! Needless to say, the man spent most of his rehearsal time in constant contact with his wife, giving the cameras a verbal play-by-play of each contraction. When his daughter finally arrived, the gentle giant collapsed in tears. Who could blame the guy? Even with all this going on, the man still managed to nail his group performance and is moving on to the next round.

Unfortunately, another member of his group, dad of three Seth Rollins, who made it that far with his touching rendition of 'Someone To Watch Over Me,' didn't make the cut and was sent back to his family.

What will become of these determined parental units? Tune in next week and I'll give you the lowdown!

american idol

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