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Reality TV Father Raped Long Lost Daughter

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The Herald Sun: A woman's joy at finally being reunited with her long lost father, aged 65, turned to horror when he raped her.

el diario de patricia

The once estranged pair met after being separated for 38 years on a Spanish reality television program called El Diario de Patricia (Patricia's Diary).

The show specialises in personal issues such as exposing family secrets or scandals, relationship breakdowns and organising surprise family reunions live on air.

The father, who appeared like a normal, loving parent, appealed to TV viewers saying he hadn't seen his daughters since 1966 after splitting with their mother.

His heartfelt plea to find his two daughters struck a chord with both viewers and the younger daughter who happened to see the program when it aired in 2003.

The daughter contacted her father by phone but after they met in person the first time he kissed her on the lips. For some unknown reason, the pair then went back to her home where he sexually abused her.

The confused and traumatised woman, who'd grown up scarred by not having a father, was reported to have been repeatedly sexually abused by the father, the court heard.

After several more meetings where further sexual abuse occurred, he eventually raped her.

However, the court also heard that the daughter's psychiatric report stated she had endured a lifetime "lack of support" which meant she didn't cope with the situation in a normal way.

A court in Malaga yesterday jailed the father for seven years.

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