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Robot Baby Not So Cuddly

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A baby with a face only a robot mother could love.

Robot Man

Momlogic's Momstrosity: If you want to do some serious research on babies, using real ones can get messy, loud and annoying. That might be the thought behind the creation of a robot baby -- developed to mimic the brain of a 1-year-old child -- only without the constant tantrum and diaper changes.

San-Diego, as he's known, is a joint venture between University of California, San Diego and a Japanese robot manufacturer, Kokoro. As far as robotic babies are concerned, San Diego is top of the line. He has 60 moving parts, can communicate with facial expressions, hold a water bottle, stand on a chair and has a high-resolution camera in his eyes. He also has a GIGANTIC head to accommodate all his electronic parts and computer chips. What doesn't San-Diego have? Skin covering his little robot body... which makes him look super-creepy.

Poor kid.

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Jim Bauer February 3, 2010, 6:10 PM

Between this robot baby, and some other robots I’ve seen, it’s getting a lot more than just a little bit eerie. The future, I think will see its way to many robots, even adroids, who can think and act for themselves.

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