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School Principal Mocks Nut Allergies in Letter

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Is this okay?

Momlogic's Julie: Wow, if my kid went to Litchfield Elementary School in Arizona right now, I would be mad as hell.

Ron Sterr

A letter sent home on Jan. 26 with second graders attending Litchfield Elementary School in Arizona , written by principal Ron Sterr, has caused a major uproar. And once you read it, you'll see why.

Sterr says he wrote a joke letter in response to caustic comments made by "an individual" and a teacher accidentally sent it home. He says he openly opposes the views expressed in the "mocking" letter he wrote.

The letter reads:

Dear Parents,

Turn off the TV for once and pay attention.

Regarding math:

The math we do is really easy. If your child is either too lazy or too stupid to finish it in class, I'm sending it home so that you can work with them and judge for yourself whether it is laziness or idiocy that inhibits your child's progress. We do part of it in class. How on earth they can NOT finish it is beyond me, but please help them with the part that we do NOT do in class. If your child is one of the mediocre few who excels on the homework, please congratulate them with a warm handshake or perhaps a halfhearted high-five, since finishing this homework is the equivalent of a twenty-year-old wanting to be congratulated for knowing how to tie his shoes.

Regarding Field trip lunches:
We have a peanut allergy in our room and a few in second grade in general. Because of this, everyone must eat nut-free foods. We also have a child who is mourning their puppy who got run over last week by a garbage truck, so we ask that no one wear anything resembling puppy fur, or that is red and flat. Further, one of our students has a nervous tic that causes him to slap himself in face several times a minute. In order to help this child not feel conspicuous, we ask that your child imitate a crazed masochist for the length of this field trip.

The principal has now been suspended. Here is the school's response:

On Wednesday, January 26th, an inappropriate parent letter was sent home with a second grade class at Litchfield Elementary School. The letter contained disparaging remarks about students which were unacceptable. The letter was authored by the principal, who was originally not forthcoming with parents in taking responsibility for his actions. The principal has called each parent individually to render an apology and take responsibility. The school district has placed the principal on administrative leave and has removed him from the principalship. Further disciplinary action is pending. The Litchfield School District renders its most sincere apology to our students, parents, community and staff for this incident. We are taking specific steps to remedy this situation.


I personally would be beyond mad if our school principal sent home such an insensitive letter, whether he was joking or not. I would be especially angry if my kid had a nut allergy or a nervous tic.

Thankfully, my kids go to a public school that is led by a principal I admire and respect. If a letter like this came home, I would be speechless.

Do YOU think this guy should be fired ... or do you think everyone is over-reacting? What would you do if you got this letter?

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