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A Love Letter: The Best Valentine's Day Gift

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What are you hoping your honey will get you for Valentine's Day?

woman reading love letter

Single Mom Seeking: Tell the truth: If you could receive ONE of the following for Valentine's Day, which would you choose?

A. A pair of moonstone earrings
B. Leopard print lingerie with a garter belt
C. A letter written by someone who adores you, detailing everything this person loves about you
D. Dark chocolate truffles

I'd go for the love letter. Would you?

The Love Letter Squad (Janet Gallin and Tresa Eyres) recently invited me to their workshop, "Write a Letter ... Change a Life." (Note: The number of men in attendance blew me away. Go, guys!)

And I'm inspired.

"A love letter is the most intimate gift you can give, because no one can duplicate it,"says Janet.

As much I love chocolate and lingerie, nothing compares to receiving a handwritten letter just for ME. Don't you agree?

If you're still following me, here are some tips about how you might start writing one yourself.

First, remember that a love letter does NOT have to be romantic. You can express appreciation to a parent, child, friend, teacher, public figure -- even someone in your life who needs an apology or forgiveness. And who says you can't write a love letter to YOURSELF?

Start by writing down one good memory you have of this person ("I remember when...").

Add something that makes you proud of this person.

Include some physical attributes you admire.

Be honest and authentic, and don't forget to write it in your own handwriting on smudge-free paper (or in a card).

All right: Ready, set, go....

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