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The Obamas' "Roses and Thorns"

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Turns out I share something in common with the First Family!


Momlogic's Julie: When I heard that Michelle Obama and family do something called "roses and thorns," where they each share their rose and their thorn for the day, I smiled. At our house, it's called "good thing, bad thing" -- and it's a nightly tradition.

Every evening during dinner, we go around the table and say our "good thing, bad thing" for the day.

I've noticed that this really encourages my kids (age 9 and 6) to share things they wouldn't otherwise tell me, like getting their feelings hurt on the playground (bad thing) or getting praise from the teacher or principal (good thing). Plus, it encourages kids to take stock of their day and recognize that every day has good and bad, and that's part of life.

When I ask my kids how school went, they often reply "fine" or "I don't know," so any bit of detail or specifics is welcomed by me!

"Good thing, bad thing" is one of my favorite things about our family dinners ... and I'm glad the Obamas do it, too. Hey, that might be the "good thing" I share at tonight's dinner!

What are YOUR family traditions you'd encourage other moms to try?

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Michelle Stern February 3, 2010, 8:16 PM

We sometimes ask the kids what nice things they did for others today…

Michele February 4, 2010, 12:14 AM

We do the same thing. I was so happy when my youngest was three and she really seemed to get the concept, smiling at me and telling me that the best part of her day was “this soup” - a homemade recipe. When asked what the worst part of her day was, she responded, “this soup…”

Susan Purvis February 10, 2010, 1:53 AM

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