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Tiger's Mom's Pain and Shame

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I cannot even imagine what it's like to be in her shoes.

Tiger woods and Kultida Woods

momlogic's Julie: As I listened to Tiger Woods' press conference, I kept wondering: What is Tiger Woods' mom thinking?

All eyes were on Tiger today -- but mine were on his mom, Kultida Woods. I noticed how many times she couldn't even look him in the eye as she sat stoically in the front row. Throughout this scandal, I had thought many times about how Elin must feel. But I had never even considered the pain that Tiger's mother must be experiencing.

There have to be so many emotions going on inside. Before Thanksgiving Day, her son was the Golden Boy. She has burst with pride so many times over her son's many Herculean accomplishments. It seemed like he could do no wrong ... until Thanksgiving -- and every day since -- when it seemed he could do no RIGHT.

For a mother, this must be a living nightmare.

I try to imagine what she is feeling ... what I would feel if it were my son up on that podium.
I know I would feel shame ... how could my son treat women this way? I'd feel heartbreak for my son ... it would hurt deeply to know that he was in so much pain and there was nothing I could do to fix it. I would feel embarrassment ... how humiliating that the whole world knew my son's deepest, darkest secrets. I would feel responsibility ... was I somehow to blame for raising a son who could do something like this? I would also feel anger -- at my son, at the media, at the world. I would mourn the life that once was. And I would fear the future: Could my son's reputation and good name ever be restored?

As I saw the raw emotion on Kultida's face (especially when the main camera failed, and the second camera was on her for the remainder of the press conference), my heart went out to her. As a mom, I would never want to be in her shoes, and I'm sure that these last few months haven't been easy.

When Tiger hugged his mom tightly after his public mea culpa, I was reminded that to her, he will always be her little boy. And to see your little boy have to go through something so painful -- even if he brought it on himself -- can't be easy for anyone.

I, like many, wondered what Kultida whispered in her son's ear during that long embrace. ESPN reports that she said: "I'm so proud of you. Never think you stand alone. Mom will always be there for you and I love you."

That really says it all: As a mother, you are always by your son's side, no matter how much he stumbles or falls. You are there to kiss every skinned knee and wipe away every last tear, no matter if your son is 4 or 34. And, no matter what happens, you will always love him in the deep, unconditional way only a mother can.

This afternoon, my heart goes out to Kultida Woods as she stands by her man Tiger -- today and always.

Tiger's mom spoke to the press after his statement. Read what she had to say.

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Black Iris February 19, 2010, 12:14 PM

I feel sorry for Tiger’s mother, but I also wonder about her response to his faults. Yes, moms always love their children, but she seems to want people to stop criticizing him. What he did was more than just a little mistake anybody might make. His pattern of behavior is either a sickness or extreme self-centeredness.

So I wonder if maybe it would be better for him if she were a little harsher. A little less I’m on your side and a little more clean up your act. Sometimes that’s the best way to show your love.

Alex February 19, 2010, 8:39 PM

Everyone is so quick to point fingers at Tiger and to have pity on his mom but have you thought about the women involved in this? This article portrayed them as victims and that’s not only ridiculous, it’s unfair. They would have to live on Mars to not know who Tiger is, so when they met him, they knew immediately that he had tons of money and was married with children. There should have been no question in their minds - just walk away. But no, they couldn’t do that - they didn’t care that they were participating in the destruction of a family. I do believe that Tiger carries a huge amount of blame in this and should be begging God and Elin for forgiveness. But don’t forget the other people involved in this who knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t care.

Chrissy February 20, 2010, 1:36 PM

I second what Alex wrote. Further, some of the women named stated that their affair with Tiger was BEFORE he was married. But they were still willing to sell their stories and get their 15 mins of fame.

HeeHee February 20, 2010, 1:51 PM

Boo Hoo. Cry me a river. Snif, snif

CLB February 20, 2010, 6:05 PM

I am glad that Tiger Woods broke his silence. Tiger has apologized to everyone and accepted that what he did was very wrong. Tiger confirmed he needs help and that he is receiving rehab to address his issues. Tiger said he wants to regain balance in his life to save the two things that are most important to him, his wife and his children. Tiger said that Elin deserves praise and I agree wholeheartedly. I wish them all the best. It is time that Tiger and his family move on with their life and for the media to get off their back!!!

Jackie Dajell February 20, 2010, 9:27 PM

This is such a heartwarming story. I too, have sympathized with Katilda. I know in her mind, her son is still the young and adolescent kid. Not the this “sex addict”, heartless man. Thank you for writing this article.

Carole Katsantoness February 20, 2010, 10:02 PM

I agree that tiger diwressions are etwoeen his wife nd ie self. His oth er is a mature lat=dy and has faith that tell her we all lean from mistakes. He is seeking helpt for his issues, is aware he has them and want to dhange.he has apolg8ized to all appropriate parties and eds to e left aloe to recover fro his illness. Only god an hel him and hopefully his=e has a stong faith.He has always handled him self professtinally as far as golf and with itegrity. tis is a priate matter to worked out withing his realationship with elin the media shold leave hime totaly alone. People who live in glass hosues, and god forgive s us for all oour disgressions.

Carole Katsantoness February 20, 2010, 10:07 PM


Carole Katsantoness February 20, 2010, 10:16 PM

He ahould be left alone by the wedia and givin time to heal a sisiclness much like an illnes like alsoholism or anything else. IT IS ALSO Between HIS GOD AND HIS WIFE.
pLAy golf for us Tiger. do not let this waste your professonallism and integrity of the game.

Anonymous February 21, 2010, 5:28 PM

I’d disown the jerk.

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