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Woman Hid Triplet Pregnancy, Died In Birth

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What a tragic story.

victoria hope

26-year-old Victoria "Tori" Hope (a mother of two kids -- ages 2 and 6) managed to hide her pregnancy from her boyfriend and family members, even though she was carrying triplets.

She bled to death while delivering the full-term but stillborn babies in her home, according to officials. Hope's mother found her daughter and the babies and called then police, but all four were dead by time authorities arrived. Her cause of death was listed as loss of blood during unattended childbirth.

Friends say Tori did not know she was pregnant with her last child, but doctors don't believe it's possible she didn't know THIS time, especially since she was carrying triplets. Police say she denied being pregnant and instead gave medical reasons "why she had put on weight." She also didn't disclose anything to her boyfriend, the father of her two other children. Apparently he had suspected she was pregnant again, but she denied it when confronted. Even her father, William Hope, acknowledged Wednesday that his daughter was "big" but claims he doesn't know why she hid her pregnancy. "That's going to be the question we'll never have an answer for," he said.

This story makes us so sad -- especially for her two children. Our thoughts go out to the family in this horrific time.

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maeby February 4, 2010, 9:01 AM

ugh disgusting. i dont feel bad for her kids. you seriously want a serial killer as a mother? they’re better off.

Kim February 4, 2010, 9:48 AM

Are you serious!?! How can you call this scared mom a serial killer? You don’t know the reasons she hid her pregnancy and I’m sure she didn’t mean to kill the babies or Herself! As far as feeling sorry for the other two children, they now have to grow up without a mother! I grew up without my dad because he died of cancer when I was 7yrs old and I can tell you it isn’t easy! They are innocent victims of our times! Grow up and have a little sympothy for others!

G February 4, 2010, 10:19 AM


Think before you speak. She was a friend of mine for many years and her children were her life. Tori was a friendly, caring, loving person and this is truly a tragedy. There are 2 beautiful children without a mother now, so watch your mouth and grow up a little.

sherrie February 4, 2010, 2:20 PM

Maeby, did you happen to really READ the whole article. Your calling her a murder, but the babies were STILLBORN! They had already passed by the time her she went into labor. She was miscarring.

Please before people post READ the story don’t just skim it

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