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Yes, I Love My Kids, But ... I Want to Be Alone!

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My husband took my kids camping for the weekend. ALL of my kids. FOR THE WEEKEND. (Did I say how much I love my husband?)

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Recession Mama Michele Ashamalla: They were going to a Y-tribes event (dads and kids only) with our local YMCA. I go out with my husband regularly, I see my friends often and I have even had a couple of weekends away from the kids. However, I have not been alone in the house overnight in more than a decade (since before our oldest was born). Some friends said I should go out on the town; others said I should have a spa day. Neither seemed quite right to me, and when I really thought about what I wanted to do, I decided I just wanted to be alone at home.

I really love my kids, but I've had at least one child under three for nine years straight. I've been woken up from a sound sleep approximately 3,000 times, made over 7,000 snacks and changed close to 20,000 cloth diapers. I don't need to whoop it up or be pampered; I just need to rest. I have cereal and milk, a Costco chicken and fruit. I picked up a couple of movies from Blockbuster. I plan to screen my phone calls and speak as little as possible. I will have spent less than $20 for recharging and relaxation that will prove priceless in the long run. When my family comes back, I will be so happy to see them. But I think I may not want to wait another 10 years for another night alone ....

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