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10 Signs Your Family Is Super Tech-Connected

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Is your family technology-addicted? Are you? Our friends at have put together a hilarious list of signs that your family may be techaholic. We can relate ....

Kid talking on mobile phone

10 Signs that a Family Is Super Technologically Connected:

  1. Your fetus has a domain name.

  2. You choreograph her labor and delivery to an iPod playlist.

  3. Your tot's favorite toy is the DVR remote.

  4. A childhood milestone is becoming part of the mobile "family plan."

  5. Your youngster throws "screen time" tantrums.

  6. Your daughter tells you about her day via Facebook and instant messenger.

  7. You text your husband reminders throughout the day.

  8. You vent to your mom-friends on Twitter.

  9. Your babe bobs his head to the beat of your iPhone ring.

  10. Your kiddos think all phones have cameras.

Check out the full list at!

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Evan March 21, 2010, 3:13 PM

1. Your 12 year old is using Linux
2. That same 12 year old has gone through three computers.
3. Your 16 year old has gone through 5 computers.
4. Your 20 year old is already employed in the tech field.
5. Your 9 year old daughter knows primitive programming
6. Everyone in the house has AT LEAST one computer.
7. The dad replaced his own LCD backlight, for his laptop.
8. The mom, homeschooling, teaches all the kids lessons on computer.
9. You pay for a premium internet package — just because the family wants more speed.
10. The house has a custom Linux-based router, because the basic routers don’t have enough features.

Mine’s better.

Evan's Mom March 21, 2010, 3:57 PM

1. Your kids build their own computers, sometimes from parts laying around the house.
2. You email the day’s lesson plans to your homeschooled teens.
3. Your cookbook collection is neglected because it’s easier to find the recipes online.
4. The grandparents get regular updates on the kids via Facebook and Twitter.
5. Your son has become good friends with his grandparents by email.
6. Your daughter can’t stand to write - but she has 100+ page stories that she’s
posted on Google Docs and TeenInk. The difference is keyboarding.
7. You drive your kids an hour or two away to meet kids they’ve met online, since you keep watch on their activities and must be there when they meet new friends.
8. When someone has a question, it’s answered within seconds, because someone else has their laptop open and searches for the answer.
9. Your kids know politics because they surf the ‘Net.
10. Your kids never have to feel isolated because they’re the only ones they know of who like a certain book, game or movie: they can always find others who share their interests.

Anonymous March 21, 2010, 5:19 PM


Gundosoax May 31, 2010, 1:43 AM

Aloha!opoo! yofii hktoa

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