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4-Year-Old Girl Killed By Family Rottweiler

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KPTV Fox12: A 4-year-old girl died Sunday after being mauled by one of her family's two Rottweiler dogs at her home near Astoria, deputies said.

Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin said the girl's mother found Ashlynn badly injured on their lawn. The girl's stepfather, Jesse Browning, called 911 to report the dog attack at 1 p.m.

Paramedics rushed to the home on Hillcrest Loop Road in Svensen and they worked quickly in hopes of saving Ashlynn Anderson's life, deputies said.

A Life Flight helicopter landed in a field near the home and took Anderson to Oregon Health & Science University hospital in Portland. Ashlynn was pronounced dead when she arrived, according to the sheriff's office.

The dogs have been taken to the Clatsop County animal shelter, where they were quarantined.

The attack happened four months after officers had taken a Rottweiler from the same home after it bit an adult family member. That dog was destroyed.

Browning stars in the reality television show "Ax Men" on The History Channel. The show focuses on the logging company of Browning's father.

Detectives said they plan to conduct a follow-up investigation after the family is able to grieve their daughter's death. The sheriff said there appeared to be no criminal element to the girl's death.

"This was a sad set of circumstances and a very unfortunate death," Bergin in a sheriff's office news release.

Clatsop County Medical Examiner Dr. Joanne Stefanelli will conduct an autopsy on Ashlynn's body to determine the exact cause of death.

Jay Browning, the girl's step-grandfather and owner of Browning Logging Company, said Ashlynn was a wonderful child.

"She just had so many friends. So many people just loved her. If you were walking with her somewhere, people would comment what a doll she was. Just this big head of blond hair and a big smile," he said.

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Robin March 2, 2010, 8:16 AM

This is why I won’t own anything larger then a Cocker Spaniel. I’m sure many of these larger dogs are wonderful pets but it’s just not worth the risk for me.

K March 2, 2010, 8:53 AM

Statistically, cocker spaniels are more likely to bite then a rottweiler. They rarely do the same kind of damage, but they do bite more often.

I have the deepest sympathy for the parents of this poor little girl - no one deserves to lose their child. And yet, the same problem crops up again: why was this child *found* on the front lawn at all? If you have a dog, children should NEVER BE LEFT ALONE WITH IT. This goes for ANY kind of dog - even small dogs can gnaw off fingers and toes! I went to school with a boy who as an infant lost two toes because his mother’s Pekingese had chewed on them. Parental supervision, not the banning of certain breeds, will prevent tragedies like this from occuring.

Anonymous March 2, 2010, 10:04 AM

this is just so sad…

Robin March 2, 2010, 11:13 AM

@K that may be true (I don’t know, i do know that statistically dachshunds are the most likely to bite) but I was using the Cocker Spaniel as more of a size example then breed example. Smaller mouths generally equals smaller potential for damage (not taking into account gnawing little lap dogs that aren’t temperamentally suited for small children anyway).
I have small children so I don’t own anything bigger or more potentially dangerous than a very petite tabby cat. If I got a dog it would NEVER be alone with my children, because either my children or the animal could be hurt without supervision.

blackwido April 13, 2010, 7:30 PM

This poor little girl and her family. I agree, no child should be left alone with any pet like this. Our family (extended) and are all dog lovers. There are Cocker Spaniels, Chows, Chihuahua’s and I own the Rotts. My rotts were raised with all of the children. I always stayed with them while they were/are around them. Yes, my rotts are like puppies, sweet loving and caring, wouldn’t bite anyone. BUT…they are animals, i can’t communicate with them on doggie level so I am always better safe than sorry. My dogs are my kids, like my kids, I love them. I’d hate to have them taken and put down. Honestly, the smaller dogs in the family are the ones that have snipped and nipped. You just never know. God Bless this family.

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