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Tip: Invest in Amusement-Park Season Passes

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Every year for the holidays, my faraway relatives send money to my kids. I put those funds toward season passes at local amusement parks. It's the gift that keeps on giving  -- all year long.

family at amusement park

momlogic's Julie: Many people have asked me how I can afford to take my kids to Disney and Universal Studios so often. Since we live near both parks, a season pass is an incredible value. We put the money our kids get as holiday gifts toward these purchases, and that way they can enjoy gifts from Grandma and Grandpa all year.

This year, we received a postcard from Universal. Since we'd had passes in the past, they were offering us a $39 renewal rate. Thirty-nine dollars for a whole year, when it's usually more than $60 to get in ONCE?! We were in!

We always upgrade at least one child's pass, too, so that we can get free parking. (Otherwise, parking runs $14 per visit. Ouch!) At Disney, we bring our own water and snacks in to cut costs, too. If you buy the souvenir cup at Universal, they offer 99-cent refills each time you visit.

Investing in these passes has given us so many great family memories. It's something fun we can do with our family that won't break the bank -- and the kids love it.

Do you have season passes to local attractions? Or would you rather put needles in your eyes than visit an amusement park more than once a year?!

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