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Booby Prizes: Bizarre Breast Cancer Ads

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And the winner of the most sexist breast-cancer campaign is ....

A letter sent to (mostly male) company directors at a hospital in Poland urged male managers to encourage their female employees to get mammograms. Sounds like a good plan, except the letter contained the campaign slogan, "I check the breasts of my employees myself." Feminist groups in Poland say the slogan is inviting sexual harassment. Whoops.

Check out more breast cancer-awareness ads that think far outside the bra. (Sometimes too far ....)

Booby Prizes: Bizarre Breast Cancer Ads

Bounce Your Boobies

A close-up shot of a voluptuous woman, boobs a-bobblin', who struts around in a skimpy bikini as sunbathers gawk in slack-jawed amazement. The message? Everyone just loooooves boobs. Let's take care of them! Um, is this a PSA or porn?

Pop Goes the Breast

Unlike the above titty-fest, this ad uses pink balloons to stand in for the real thing, suggesting you better get an exam lest one of your boobs goes bye-bye.

Mass Transit Hysteria

The ad was placed on bus shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many were taken down when residents complained. The caption declares, "Society is obsessed with breasts ... But what are we doing about breast cancer?" A sterling example of truth in advertising -- if this shocking ad doesn't have you hightailing it to get yourself a mammogram, nothing will.

Please Don't Fondle the Software

This three-dimensional mouse pad ad from China says, "Frequent massaging of breasts enables you to detect breast cancer before it strikes." Since most women wouldn't have this accessory on their desk, we're guessing this one is supposed to remind men to remind their girlfriends/wives/mistresses?

Bumping Towards a Cure

An ad placed in a hospital's parking lot coupled with pink painted speed bumps increased breast exam requests by almost 50% -- and possibly reduced fender-benders.

Don't Knock Your Knockers

"Defend yourself! Regular check-ups help prevent breast cancer damage," says this clever Avon-sponsored bus shelter ad -- or it could also mean beware of vandals with baseball bats. Actually both are good bits of advice.

The Blatant Opportunism Award

A distributor of food products jumped on the breast cancer awareness bandwagon with its advertisement for their chicken nuggets. The execs of Ingram were obviously misinformed: Chicks, not chickens, are susceptible to breast cancer.

A Refreshing Look At Breast Cancer?

A different perspective is realized with an aerial view of water bottles that appear to look like screw-off nipples. Then it gets all double entendre on us: "Every mouthful helps," says the caption. Presumably, if you buy the advertised water, portions of the proceeds will be donated to the cause. Who knew water could be sooo "dirty"?

If Men Had a Nice Set

Yes, men like breasts. We get it. This comical PSA postulates that if men had their own rack, they'd spend all day "taking care of them" -- and women should too.

Heavy Petting Prevention

This ad attempts to hit the use of innuendo out of the park. Score!

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Jehnavi April 30, 2010, 1:47 AM

After my second son was born, my body went through some changes. My breasts hurt (like when you’re going to start a menstrual cycle or pregnant)all the time! I kept telling my ob/gyn. He kept ignoring my complaints, saying “You’re getting older now (34). Your body is going through changes.” But I kept telling him about it until he finally sent me for a mammogram. And they found a very early cancer. I was told “but cancer doesn’t hurt”. Well, it certainly is not normal for breasts to hurt all the time. SOMETHING was up. I am absolutely sure there was some abnormal hormone thing going on then, and that is where everything started. It is something I just “know”, regardless of what the doctors said or say. Pay attention to your bodies everyone!

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