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Should Chris Brown Be Speaking at Schools?

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Sometimes even a felony charge for beating a woman isn't enough to keep a good PR moment down.

chris brown

Convicted Rihanna-abuser Chris Brown has accepted an invitation to appear at "Family Read Night" at the Sisulu-Walker Charter School in Harlem, the New York Daily News reports.

And what's more, administrators and parents seem ready to turn a blind eye to Brown's brutal pre-Grammy-party antics.

'"I extended an invitation to all celebrities and politicians, and we had an acceptance by him," said principal Dawn Cejas, who added that the evening was geared toward encouraging students to read.

The article also quoted Olubunmi Sonubi, mom of fifth-grader Ishola, who said she was cool with giving Brown a "second chance."

"He can come even though he was arrested," she said. "He's coming to read to the children. He apologized on TV. Sometimes in real life we make mistakes."

True. But the chasm between a mistake and a violent beat-down is a bit wide.

With an image to rebuild, it's obvious Brown is out to score Brownie points any way he can -- and accepting this kind of invite is a no-brainer in working toward that end.

If your kid went to this school, how would you feel about Brown reading to him or her? Is protesting Brown's appearance the right thing to do, or is giving him a second chance -- like the mom in the article -- more in keeping with your beliefs?

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shut up March 9, 2010, 4:03 PM

egene,should have none a white racist person as yourself would make such a comment. He made a mistake, so what, we are talking about encouraging kids to read, I don’t see you doing it. We all make mistakes, we learn and move on, if that were the case, none of us should even have a job. Judgemental people as yourself make me want to throw up, I can;t stand people that try and judge others specially when they have made mistakes and probably not living right, that goes for all the rest of you haters. I would love for him to come read to my child, he is doing something alot of you probably need to be doing. Egne, how would you feel about Charlie Sheen reading to children? You would probably be all for it because he is white. Get a life, leave Chris alone and let him move on with his life. Stop trying to dictate his life and fix yours. This goes for all the rest of you haters and to the person that wrote this article, find Jesus.

Carol March 9, 2010, 7:16 PM

Here where I live in SoCal a young man killed his best friend in a DUI accident and although he is now in prison the courts are allowing him to go to high schools and talk about the consequences of drinking and driving and the hardships and tragedies it creates. This IS a good thing, and if Chris Brown can deter any young man from potentially harming another human being then that, too, is a good thing. I see nothing wrong with it, as long as it’s done in total sincerity and remorse.

Karina March 11, 2010, 11:24 AM

I think he deserves a second chance. And if he comes to my children’s school to read its fine with me.

seb2815 March 12, 2010, 3:17 PM

As a mom what kind of a message am I sending to my daughter by being ok with letting someone anyone that has been convicted of abuse near my child. Saying I’m sorry might make it ok for others but i’m sorry for beating you until no one would tell it was you. That doesn’t work for me and I think that he will do it again. You don’t get that angry and it not happen again. He isn’t in counseling and did no time for what he did.

Mar May 31, 2010, 3:16 PM

seb2815, you have to actually know what your talking about before you dicuss the issue at hand. Why? Because if you didn’t know he has been in couseling since the incident, which was court order and part of his probation…then you have know knowledge of the issue just the gossip you’ve heard…

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