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Clinic to Raffle Off Human Egg

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A British fertility clinic plans on raffling off a human egg to promote their new "baby-profiling" service.

human egg with raffle tickets

The London Bridge Fertility, Gynaecology and Genetics Centre says the "winner" of the raffle will be able to choose which egg she wants, based on several criteria -- including racial background and education.

To circumvent British law, the procedure will actually take place in the United States, at a clinic in Fairfax, Va. The winner will also receive nearly $20K in fertility treatments.

According to The Times, the eggs are provided American donors aged 19 to 32 -- all of whom are university students or graduates. The eggs of overweight women and smokers are not accepted.

Unlike in the U.S., the sale of human eggs for profit is banned in Britain. In addition, donors must agree to be identified and let their offspring contact them once they turn 18. For this reason, U.K. egg donors are scarce. U.S. laws allow women to sell their eggs for profit -- which has some women making up to $10,000 dollars a pop. Michael Summers, a consultant in reproductive medicine, says, "It's much more difficult to find donors in the U.K. because of the policies in place."

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