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Cures for Hair Horrors

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Does your daughter want to groom her own tresses? Read on!

From ill-advised cuts to hopeless knots, Cozy's Cuts For Kids founder Cozy Friedman has seen every hair disaster in the book. "Children reach an age when they want to do all of their own grooming," she explains. "Unfortunately, they don't always have the skills they need to keep hair neat and clean without Mom and Dad's help." Drawing on years of experience walking parents through every type of hair horror, Cozy offers tips and tricks for preventing and fixing kids' common faux pas:

Cozy's Cures for Hair Horrors

Nape Nest

"Lots of children come into the salon with a nest of hair at the nape of the neck," Cozy says. "Curly hair is often the culprit, although dry winter weather and brushing up against the back of a coat or sweater can contribute to creating a tangle. Avoid the nest effect by using a detangler and combing regularly. At the salon, a So Cozy stylist can work out the nest with plenty of conditioner."

Greasy Hair

"Oily hair is more common in boys than girls," explains Cozy. "Boys especially will often just wet their hair in the shower rather than actually lathering with shampoo and rinsing. An option like a 2-in-1 is ideal for cutting back on greasy hair, as you can speed up the process and get boys to lather up without skipping the conditioning step. For chronic users of too-much product, a 2-in-1 also prevents kids from overdoing the conditioner."

DIY Cuts

"When kids take scissors into their own hands, the results can be frightening. Not only can the outcome be horrible, but it's especially scary to think that your child is taking scissors towards their face," Cozy says. "Depending on where the cut is made, the 'style' is usually salvageable. When boys cut their own hair, a buzz cut is often the best solution. When girls make the snip, sometimes the section of hair can be blended with the rest of the hair. If the cut is near the bangs, hair can be brought forward from further back on the head to fill in gaps in the front."

Paint in the Hair

"We get a bunch of young kids into the salon that have gotten paint in their hair, intentionally and otherwise," Cozy says."The best way to clean paint out of hair is to use a clarifying shampoo, like the So Cozy Swimmer's Shampoo.Use a fine-toothed comb to work the shampoo through the hair, which will also help get the paint out."

Getting Rid of Dreadlocks

"Getting rid of dreadlocks in a child's hair can be a daunting task," warns Cozy."Start by finding a great distraction, like a movie, which will keep your child occupied for a while.You'll need to use lots of thick conditioner and you can use a wide-toothed comb as your tool, although you'll really be "picking" through the dreadlocks rather than combing them out.Start from the bottom and work your way up, and remember to be patient."

Toys in the Hair

"Plenty of parents bring their kids in to our stylists after they've gotten small toys, like toy cars, stuck in their hair," Cozy says. "Your best bet is to be patient and slowly unwind the hair from around the wheels of the car or the base of whatever toy it might be. If you have to cut it out, don't try and do it at home. Stylists will know how to cut around the toy and minimize the damage to the hair."

Gum/Slime/Clay in the Hair

"You wouldn't believe how many kids get things like gum, slime, or clay in their hair," Cozy says."Parents worry that we'll need to cut their child's hair, but that isn't always the case.What a lot of people don't know is that peanut butter can work wonders on these things.Scoop out a dollop of peanut butter and massage through the gum or clay or whatever is stuck in the hair.Make sure the entire area is covered and then use your fingers, and sometimes your finger nails, to slide whatever it is out.It works like magic and then washes out when you're finished."


"Kids share a lot of things at school -- toys, crayons, snacks. Unfortunately they also share things like lice too," Cozy warns."It tends to spread like crazy -- once one child in the class has lice, it's really easy for it to spread to everyone else. Your best bet is to keep an eye out for it when combing your child's hair and try using a preventative shampoo and conditioner like the So Cozy Boo! Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner to keep lice away. These products are less harsh than some of the other anti-lice formulas on the market -- and gentle enough to use a few times a week to proactively ward away those pesky creatures!"

Soap Buildup

"All too often, kids don't know the effective way to wash and condition hair," Cozy reveals. "They tend to apply too much product without rinsing carefully, causing soap buildup. Stylists in my salon have seen cases so severe that the child's hair can't even be brushed. To prevent buildup, it's important to teach kids how to wash their hair properly. A quarter-sized amount of shampoo in enough to get the job done -- keep an eye out for kids who like to dump the whole bottle on their heads. Encourage children to sing their favorite song while sudsing, then rinse thoroughly when the song is over to ensure no shampoo is left behind."

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