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Hatred After Health Care Reform? Seriously?

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I'm sorry, where exactly are all the people who vehemently declared after President Obama's election that we were living in a post-racial America? Please stand up. Seriously.

health care protesters

Kimberly Seals Allers: Let's recap the current state of affairs: The President of the United States passes a historic bill to reform health care in this country and actually save lives -- and protesters resort to allegedly hurling racial slurs at black lawmakers? I won't even mention the choice words being thrown at our nation's Commander in Chief. Protesters, what about the million things that are supposedly wrong with the bill? Why not use those as your sticking points?

It really goes to show how far we have NOT come in this country. Whenever there is passionate disagreement -- which, by the way is a good thing and what makes this country great -- someone somewhere is going to resort to race. It's as if racial bias consistently sits just under the skin of the culture of this country, and if anything slightly irritates or pricks that delicate skin, the ugly truth just comes oozing out.

Then you wonder why I fear for my black children. The reason: I'm in fear of many white parents, who are acting out their racial biases for everyone to see on CNN and YouTube, at Tea Party conventions and on the local news, for crying out loud. What kind of messages are their children getting at home and then bringing to the playground? In fact, the whole health care reform process has been an embarrassing stain on our reputation.

As I watched the drama play out in total SMH mode, I desperately tried to extract a few lessons: 

1. The ridiculous myths about death panels and the alleged slippery slide into socialism reminded me how important it is for me to teach my children to be independent thinkers willing to research the facts on their own, rather than have that dangerous herd mentality where people foolishly rally behind buzzwords that speak to their issues and biases. 

2. The fact that not one House Republican took a stand for better healthcare said to me that partisan politics was more important than saving lives. I hope my children never lose their humanity in their quest to get ahead. I will remember to remind them of that.

3. And watching the racial slurs and Obama-assassination threats on Twitter (even allegedly from two conservative blacks, no less) reminded me of something my daddy taught me long ago: People who resort to mudslinging and in-the-gutter tactics are desperate and pathetic because they really have nothing of substance to say.

Our post-racial America has a lot of road ahead of it.

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sam March 25, 2010, 11:20 AM

Those allegations by the lawmakers are untrue there are videos to support this….Not one of them said that word. Maybe you should do some research.

Charlene March 25, 2010, 11:45 AM

I am one of those people who is vehemently opposed to the health care bill that was just passed. My problem is not with the color of our president’s skin. My problem is that this bill is bad for every man, woman and child in this country and he thinks it’s a good deal for us all. It is too expensive and extends health care to illegal aliens as well as legal residents of this country. I do not want to pay for health care for people who are here illegally. In fact, I don’t want to pay for your health care. I am almost 60 years old. I have been single for close to 30 years and have supported myself by working. I do not have a college degree and yet I have managed to work hard and I make a pretty decent living. How dare anyone suggest that it is my duty to take care of people who don’t belong here and don’t try to better themselves. My grandparents came here from Sicily in the early 1900s. They were discrimnated against in every way possible. But they didn’t whine and cry about how someone needed to make things right for them. They just went to work and earned money for themselves and their children. They studied hard and became citizens of this country. They paid taxes their whole lives. And now we have a president who thinks that I should just give part of what I have achieved to take care of others who have not accomplished what I have. NO, MA’AM. I will help any person who helps themselves first. Until then, don’t talk to me about prejudice and racial discrimination because that is not what this is about. This is about a man who was unqualified for the job he got (and yes, I do believe that he was elelcted because he is black-not because he was the best man for the job)shoving a program most Americans don’t want down our throats. When this man decides that he does truly answer to the American public, then I think we can get a real diialogue about health care going. But no one is going to shove this down my throat without a whole lot of screaming and hollering from me.

yeah I said it March 25, 2010, 11:47 AM

Is this coming from one racist to another? As they say “It takes one to know one”.

Queen Bee March 25, 2010, 12:01 PM

Right back at ya cupcake………..

Kate March 25, 2010, 12:44 PM

Racial remarks are never Ok! But sometimes I think people are looking for racism wherever they can find it.
People are mad that the president pushed this through. He did not go through the proper channels and he does not care what the people want. He has an agenda and He is determined to do it no matter what is BEST for our country.
Those of us who are mad are the ones who have to pay for other’s health insurance. Those who are happy about this now get a free health insurance.

I depend on myself March 25, 2010, 12:47 PM

I also am one who doesn’t agree with this policy and not because our president is black…I could care less what color he is but because I feel that people should take care of themselves. I have worked since I was 14yrs old and have never gotten anything from anyone. I bought my own car, my own house, put myself through college and pay all of my own bills. I have worked with the same company for the last 19 yrs. My sister and brother on the other hand can’t keep a job and if they are sick or their kids are sick, they run straight to the ER every time! I have helped them and given them money over and over for the past 10 yrs and decided this year that I will NOT give them anymore. I tell them all the time just get any job but noooo they don’t want to work mere 9 or 10 dollars an hour so they would rather stay home and collect unemployment. Shame on them and everyone else out there who are unwilling to work and support themselves and their families.

JayMonster March 25, 2010, 2:01 PM

Make no mistake about it racism, bigotry, class elitism and other biases are alive and well in this country. It is only now that it is finally closer to 50/50 than ever before in our history.

And even in these “well though out” examples ahead of me, you see it… although it is couched behind excuses and doublespeak. “Inner City” “Urban” “Poor Areas” “illegals”

These people blindly (and it must be blindly, because despite the fact that the law SPECIFICALLY says it only covers legal residents of the US, people continue to use “illegals” as an excuse) listen to inciting and hateful people (I am no longer referring to the commenters above, but the violent protesters and #teabaggers)and lash out in the frenzy, since they are not thinking and are just lashing, yes they lose that PC veneer that they sometimes pretend to show and go back to primitive name calling, brick throwing, etc.

It is nice to dream that we were past those days, but we aren’t even close.

mountainmomma18 March 25, 2010, 2:06 PM

I actually think that you are right on. I supported the bill, but know a lot of people who didn’t and we discuss, debate and write our opinions and to our representatives because that is what people do. What you don’t do is throw bricks through windows and threaten people. This never works- and it shouldn’t. And yes there are people throwing around racial slurs at our president and it’s not ok. If you don’t like what is happening then vote and write and by all means protest- but leave the name calling and violence out of it. Let’s talk and educate each other- let’s not let it go as a democrat vs. republican thing- because it’s not- it’s an american thing.

tired of lazy people March 25, 2010, 2:11 PM

I am self employed and have been for over 9 years and I am tired of paying for everyone else that think they r to good to work for minimum wage, I don’t care what your degree is in there not hiring but McDonalds is good tell them you’ll take the job and get of your feel sorry for myself butt and pay your own way in this world pay for your own kids but 3 different daddy’s… Becuz I for one am tired of it….and the prob with this bill is that Obama is letting the blacks, Mexican, white’s Muslim’s etc get an even better free ride and now I am going to have to carry insurance on myself like I have always done plus every looser out there.. Thank u obama….

K March 25, 2010, 3:25 PM

Wow. I am so glad to be Canadian.

Lisa March 25, 2010, 4:39 PM

I was born in the USA as were my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. I’ve worked hard all of my life and supported myself. The health care bill doesn’t discriminate against children and adults with pre-existing conditions. Believe me, I didn’t choose to get cancer. The health care bill also does not allow insurance companies to put a cap on what they will cover. I have and pay for my own insurance, but this is just 2 of the reasons why I’m grateful this bill was finally signed.

renee March 25, 2010, 6:18 PM

i have no problems with paying my share as long as everyone else does,i do have a problem with the lazy?unemployed?welfare sucking and illegal aliens getting freebees

jake March 25, 2010, 7:28 PM

I have to say, I’m not a supporter of the way this legislation was passed. I’m quite ticked that yet again, I will be forced to pay for others problems.
But the violence,and the name calling have got to stop. The misinformation needs to be controlled. Do people not understand that illegal immigrants are ALREADY being provided for by legals? They go to the ER and don’t pay their bills. Who pays them? Our tax dollars.

Angela March 25, 2010, 7:34 PM

I agree with those who have objected to giving people a free ride to those who are perfectly able of providing for themselves, but as someone who works in health care I’ve seen our current system FORCE people who want to pay their way onto public assistance. People who have pre-existing conditions are denied insurance coverage but they can’t qualify for medicaid unless they quit their job. Without insurance no Dr will treat them so their only choice is to quit working altogether and live off of disability pay.

Brenda March 25, 2010, 11:38 PM

November come quickly…..

Jerendan March 26, 2010, 10:51 AM

No, hatred for THIS health care reform. For what it will do to those of us who work like dogs and now find ourselves about to pay for others’ problems and illegals who don’t contribute anything to our society, and for the way the bill was rammed through. Bribes, kickbacks, etc. Just because we might despise this bill with everything in us, doesn’t mean that we’re monsters who didn’t want ANY kind of health care reform. Be careful of the words you choose.

maxb March 26, 2010, 5:16 PM

The hyper rich insurance companies and their rich shareholders are really happy to divide americans while they go steadily to the bank with a grin on their face, thanking the elected republicans who only care about the rich anyways. They know that by just spelling “socialism” they’ll succeed in screwing the average american. Some people don’t mind being plucked naked by the rich, but can’t stand having to help pay for their brother.

Monica March 26, 2010, 5:57 PM

Its funny how so many of you assume that you are going to be paying for other peoples health care. And you believe all these scare tactics that republicans are throwing around. And you make the assumption that people who don’t have health care are too lazy to get up and get a job to pay for their own. Bull! I’m a middle class individual and when I had a job, in which I don’t now because I was let go after being promised that I would be kept, I couldn’t afford the health care that my job offered me as a part time employee. Why, because paying for it out of my paycheck would leave me in a deficit. I didn’t make enough in my paycheck each month to afford it . On top of that when I could afford it and was paying out of pocket they would not accept me because of pre-existing conditions. If I went with the government plan I would have to contribute $550 a month for me alone in order to be accepted. That’s $150 more than what it cost to afford my family of three. I think the problem is that people are selfish and thinking of themselves. Not everyone is lazy. If given the chance or opportunity many people would and can pay for health care if cost goes down and they remove the preexisting condition stipulations. What’s really funny is how one of you said that a relative of yours is asking for money to help with health care for their kid when they go to the ER. Honey a job for a mere 9 or 10 an hour wouldn’t even suffice to afford health care. Are you serious? Assuming that they could even find a job in this economy. Wouldn’t you rather let them be allowed to purchase health care or use government assistance than have then ask you for money? Its better to spread the cost then have it come all out of your pocket? Right? I’ve been out of work for over a year and have filled out lots and lots of applications and have found nothing! Am I lazy! Heck no! Do I mooch off the government, no! And if so many of you are so scared of paying for other people insurance well heck you already do so for local governments. Its not going to change because those people who already qualify already have assistance! For such a “Christian nation” you sure act like your father the devil.

ECP March 26, 2010, 9:29 PM

I would like to know how many of these people commenting researched and read the heath care reform bill?!?
It sounds like most of them didn’t!
By the way as someone who is considered “upper class” my husband and I have no problem with our tax money helping others gain health care I mean it’s the least we can do with our money.

ECP March 26, 2010, 9:35 PM

I would also like to ask how many of you fall into tax brackets where you are heavily taxed?? I mean will you even feel the consequences of HCR in your taxes and paychecks, I believe it’s the rich that will feel it most.
My husband and I are in such a tax bracket the govt gets more than half of our money, but honestly if it’s going to help others, what exactly is wrong with that??

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