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How to Manage Mommy Mean Girls

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Here are six simple ways.

Recently, "GMA" ran a segment called "When Mean Girls Become Mean Moms," featuring momlogic contributor Dr. Janet Taylor. We've dealt with our fair share of evil mommies, so we were all ears:

Here are some tips from Dr. Michelle Golland on managing Mommy Mean Girls:

1. If they gossip about someone in front of you, just remember that as soon as you walk away, you're next. Avoid that kind of person at all costs, or at least keep your guard up.

2. Ask what they were like in high school. If they talk about how they ruled the school or how "lame" the other students were, watch for the replay of that behavior. Once a mean girl, always a mean girl!

3. Try to widen your family's social circle and meet other moms you better connect with.

4. If you find yourself being "left out" and feeling bad about it, reflect on your own high school experience. Is this opening up some old wounds? Process some of those feelings with your spouse or a good girlfriend. Dealing with the past can help you move forward.

5. Indifference is your biggest weapon. Try not to care so much about what the mean moms think. They are so insecure, they want you to care. When you don't, you take away their power.

6. Always have integrity, grace and dignity. Never forget you are your child's role model for how to handle friends and bullies.

How do you deal with Mommy Mean Girls?

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