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I Survived a 'Brain Surge' Taping

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I took my kids to a taping of their favorite TV show and lived to tell the tale.

Brain Surge

momlogic's Julie: My kids are OBSESSED with the Nickelodeon show "Brain Surge." So when my husband heard they were filming in Los Angeles this week, he thought it might be a fun surprise to take them to a taping. We got tickets from On Camera Audiences. Tickets are free.

Yesterday was a minimum day at school, which meant the kids get out at 1:30. We were told to be at the taping no later than 3:15. We got there by 3:00.

There was a long line outside the studio and it looked like they had also bussed some schools in. After waiting about 45 minutes in the line -- and seeing many people go in before us -- we were told that "it wasn't looking good" for us to get in. WHAT? I couldn't believe we might not get in when my kids were so excited.

We were then told we were shut out for the 4:00 PM taping because "a lot of Nickelodeon executives had come to watch the show and there was no room" for us. There were 22 of us who were shut out.

We were then told to come back at 5:00 for the next taping, and we were promised we would have "priority seating."

We went to our car for about 15 minutes, then got back in line so we would be sure to get in. At 5:00, the woman came out and said they were running late and it looked like we would get in at 5:30. They moved us to another seating area. The woman then proceeded to text on her BlackBerry and ignore us for the next hour. She finally came back over at 6:30 (yes, we'd now been waiting over three hours to see this freaking show) ... and said, "Five more minutes." I wanted to throttle her and throw her BlackBerry across Santa Monica Blvd., but I kept my cool for my kids' sake.

Finally, we were in. The set was amazing! The kids loved being a part of their favorite show. Their fave part was the "Brain Drain" -- which is a big water slide filled with foam that the losing contestants have to slide down. It was also fun seeing the winner get slimed. Host Jeff Sutphen was entertaining, too. In all, the taping took about 90 minutes. But it was now 8:00 ... and we'd been here since 3:00. Yowza!

Would I take the kids to another taping? I would if they were DYING to see it -- but I'd be more prepared to be treated like cattle next time around.

Have you ever taken your kids to a TV taping? What was the experience like for you?

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Lucy October 20, 2010, 8:29 PM

Dear Mom Who Had a Hard Time Getting In To See BrainSurge,

The Production/Crew not only works 16 hours a day, but they also Produce 5 shows a day. That means they go through Five Tapings and that also means they are dealing with people who get insulted easily when they don’t get there way. Consider how tired they am and how over it they are by 7 p.m. All that matters is that you got in and your kids had a great time! The host works his butt off and to see that this negative article is posted on his IMDB page is terrible!

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