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No Yolk: The World's Most Famous Eggs

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Eggs: They ARE all what they're cracked up to be!

The garden-variety hen-laid egg is at the height of its popularity in the springtime. But what about the other times of the year? Nothing. No press. These are the eggs that transcend the whole egg-dying frenzy year-round.

No Yolk: The World's Most Famous Eggs

The Golden Egg

The Oompa-Loompas made short work of Veruca Salt when they put her on the The Egg-dicator in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory." Apparently, "good eggs" are solid gold, while bad eggs are bratty, spoiled British children who can really belt out a tune.

The Faberge Egg

As eggs go, you don't get any more swank than a Fabergé egg. Made by the House of Fabergé around the turn of the century, the most expensive one, called Winter, sold in 2002 for almost $10 million. However, the most FAMOUS Fabergé is the one that appeared in the film 1983 film "Risky Business" and was almost destroyed when Joel Goodsen (played by Tom Cruise) finally got all the hookers out of his house.

The Goose Egg

Poor goose eggs. They have a real identity crisis. On one hand, they are solid gold items produced by magical geese, on the other they stand for for an abundance of absolutely nothing. Or how much of reality TV is actually real.


Nothing beats a great pair of pantyhose shoved into a giant plastic egg. At least that's what Hanes, the manufacturers of L'eggs must have thought back in the freewheeling 70s. Eventually, the company was criticized for wastefulness and the egg packaging was discontinued in 1991.

Who has egg on their face now?

The Egg Chair

The Egg Chair was designed by Scandinavian Arne Jacobsen in 1958 and has been an unbreakable trend ever since ... at least for hipsters, science fiction fanatics and "Men in Black."

The Egg McMuffin

McDonald's Egg Mcmuffin was invented in 1972 and started a national breakfast sandwich craze. Although the eggs in the McMuffin are reported to be real, they look suspiciously like rubbery white hockey pucks with a hard orange center.

Humpty Dumpty

In the most popular cautionary tale of all time, Mother Goose's Humpty Dumpty teaches kids not sit precariously on walls for fear of having "great" falls.

The Egg Head

For some reason, if someone you know is uber-smart you must call them names. The most popular insult to the intelligentsia used to be to refer to them as an egghead. Today the term egghead has been replaced by geek or nerd. The epithet is often applied to fans of science fiction, computers or anyone who truly understands the implications of health care reform.

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