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Octomom SHOULD Do Porn!

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Octomom Nadya Suleman's house has reportedly been threatened with foreclosure. Now an adult-entertainment company has come forward and offered to pay her debt -- if she, er, "performs." Personally, I think she should do it!

Nadya Suleman

Radical Mommy: If someone's crazy enough to offer to pay off her house -- and keep her kids off the streets -- in THIS economy, just for getting her hoo-ha out for the camera, then she should take the offer. Who's going to pick up the tab for those babies and her other six kids otherwise?!

If there is a legitimate opportunity to make money -- and the alternate option is to continue to bilk the system -- then I wholeheartedly believe that she needs to get it together and do this for her kids.

After all, would doing a couple of porn movies kill her? No, it wouldn't. Would doing porn make people look down on her more than they already do? No -- in fact, I think some people would actually respect her more because she would be taking responsibility for her children. Would doing a couple of porno flicks cause her self-esteem to suffer? Who f***ing cares? If holding her hand out for charity for so many years hasn't hurt her self-esteem up to this point, nothing will.

I only have one child -- but let me tell you something, people. If I lost my job, couldn't get another "legit" job, wasn't able to put food on the table and was at risk of losing the roof over my child's head, it's not so far out of the realm of possibility to think that I would be banging on the doors of porn companies begging them to let ME make a porno, if that's what it would take to feed my children. WHY, you ask? Because my child did not ask to be born, and I have a responsibility to make his life the best I can. And if that means sacrificing my body and little bit of my soul, then you can be damn sure that I would do it. And so should Nadya!

Do YOU think Octomom should make a porno?

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