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'Parenthood' Delivers

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the previews for "Parenthood," which premieres tonight on NBC. Has TV finally gotten parenthood right? Maybe.


momlogic's Julie: During the first half-hour of the pilot for "Parenthood," I was thinking they should have named it, "How Rich People Parent."

Maybe it's the recession, but seeing those huge Berkeley, Ca., homes that looked like they'd been designed and decorated by Martha Stewart kind of made me want to throw up. Maybe other people have these big, Kennedy-like families that gather around perfect outdoor tables lit with rows of glowing lanterns as they pop bottles of Pinot, but I don't. And I felt like I really couldn't relate. At all.

Another thing I had a huge problem with was the working mom who was glued to her Blackberry. To me, this was a stereotype that was just too over-the-top. (Disclaimer: I'm a working mom with a Blackberry -- so maybe I'm a bit, er, touchy on this subject.)

But about halfway in, when I already decided I really didn't want to like this show, I started liking it. A lot. Peter Krause's storyline was touching and real, and even brought me to tears. And Lauren Graham was utterly charming, too -- it's almost impossible not to like her.

Craig T. Nelson (known to many of us parents as the voice of Mr. Incredible) is pitch-perfect as the old-school grandpa and family patriarch, and it should be interesting to see how he evolves as the show progresses.

Yes, this family has more money than I'll probably ever have in this lifetime. And yes, there are many parts that I couldn't relate to because of it. But many of the issues and family problems the show deals with (be they medical diagnoses, Little League fights or teen troubles) ARE relatable -- and their appeal crosses racial and socioeconomic lines.

Tune in tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

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