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Rell Looking To Ban 'Sexting' Among Teens

sign up for the momlogic newsletter Tweet This On Monday, Gov. Jodi Rell submitted testimony to the Legislature's Judiciary Committee in support of three proposals, including a ban on "sexting" by teenagers.

teenage girl using her cellphone
Rell said, "All of these reforms turn up the pressure and punishment on the sick individuals who victimize children and give law enforcement and parents more tools to monitor the moves of child predators. These predators and their crimes will no longer be shielded by the anonymity of cyberspace. These laws will help ensure that there will be no place to hide."

Rell supports House Bill 5533, An Act Concerning Sexting, which would prohibit children 13 to 17 years old from possessing and sending sexually explicit photos through cell phones or other communication devices.

Rell said she would also like to see the ban expanded to include the texting of sexually explicit words and messages among the same age group.

"Sexually explicit messages and images shared among adolescents and teenagers are highly inappropriate and may well lead to dangerous behavior. The technology makes it far too easy to victimize young people," Rell said.

College students are urging lawmakers to change the law. The new bill that is sitting before lawmakers would allow police to fine and could even imprison those who send and distribute sexually explicit pictures, but with one major difference.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Danaher said, "This offense is a new offense; it's not one of the listed offenses. So the point is, if someone were convicted of violating this statute they would not appear on the sex offender registry."

Post University student Megan Hansen said, "We believe that it should be a misdemeanor. It should still be a charge; it is a crime. You shouldn't be able to do that to another person. It's a mistake and we don't want them ending up on the registry for the rest of their life."

Several other states are not taking a look at "sexting" laws and looking to see if they should reduce some of the penalties, not because they don't feel that it's a serious crime but they simply don't want to treat all teenagers like sexual predators and pornographers.

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Cassie April 1, 2010, 11:04 AM

Uhhhh give me a break?! This law isnt constitutional and isnt fair? Take away picture messaging for crying outloud? If parents aren’t watching their kids than what do you think they’ll do? Man o man, this country is unbelievable?

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