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The 'Idol' Soothsayer Strikes Again

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If you read yesterday's "American Idol" recap, you'll recall that I predicted on first sight who was going home. Turns out I was right.

paige miles

momlogic's Vivian: The contestants are being whittled down and the "American Idol" production crew is bringing on the drama! The graphics are larger, the strings pluck to incite anticipation and the spotlights border on blinding us through our flat screens. STILL, I can't get me enough.

Here's the skinny on last night's goings-on:

During Ryan Seacrest's introductions, the camera kept panning by this woman who had blood pouring out her nose and down her dress. We even got a second look at this curiosity. Eventually, it was revealed that this woman and her crew of rabble-rousers were "Siobhanbies" (Shev-on-bies -- like zombies, get it?), Siobhan's crew of peeps invited to cheer her on (including her boss, who refuses to shave until she wins). Those New Englanders sure know how to rally. There was little else remarkable to note, save for Ellen's appearance. Now, I love me some Ellen, but between the scarf and the spiky 'do, she looked like she'd just emerged from a 1985 Cure concert. But I digress ....

Speaking of all things circa 1985, the "Idols" kicked off the proceedings with the Wham! hit, "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" -- a song that hit number one well before many of these contestants were born. Both Casey and Crystal gave it their go-team best, but couldn't help but flinch as if they were in pain during the hammy choreographed segment. During the interview segment, Katie revealed that her dad was likely across the street having a drink because he gets too freaked out watching the live show. This somehow made perfect sense to me. But the cutest dad-move belonged to Big Daddy Mike Lynche. The projected image of him wearing his daughter in a BabyBjรถrn emphasized his bigness and her smallness in an aw-shucks kind of way.

Before revealing the week's bottom three, mentor Miley Cyrus took the stage performing her new song, "When I Look At You." Between the love song, the hair extensions and the slinky dress, I'd venture to say that Miley's feeling rather smiley about her love life these days. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato also shared their budding post-teen love on stage with their duet, "Make A Wave." Whatever that means.

Anywho, the nitty grit: MamaSox and Big Daddy Lynche were both safe, but as I predicted, Paige and Tim were in the bottom three, along with Katie. And dum, dum, dum ... as this soothsayer so accurately predicted, Paige was the one to go home. Granted, all it would have taken was a single verse of her performance Tuesday to come to that conclusion, but I did it the second she walked on that stage. She closed out the show with Free's "All Right Now," ironically managing to resurrect some of the vocal prowess that had brought her to the "Idol" stage in the first place.

What will go down when MamaSox drops her guitar next week? Will she be able to work the stage? And will Big Daddy Lynche maintain his R&B mojo while dialing down the cheese? And will I once again be able to accurately predict the night's loser at first sight? Tune in right here next week and find out!

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chris ford March 25, 2010, 5:09 PM

Right at the start of the show, they panned to the Zombies w/o explaining. We were watching at home and went in a split second from WTF??? to “gotta be about Siobhan!”

Her Bear Man boss-artist at the glassworks not shaving? Dude hasn’t shaved in years…

Mile Cyrus looked good tonight. Lot better than on Tuesday - but even then except for a trailer-trash eye makeup treatment - not too bad doing the “mentoring” in the Daisy Dukes and jailbait outfit.

Paige going? I liked Paige, but it can’t be too soon to see her gone, as well as Tim Urban and Garcia..followed by Katie..(

mr pink March 29, 2010, 6:42 AM

I need mamasox to win. i also like the blues man. he’d be great in a dark crowded jazz club in the village.

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