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Top 10 Reasons We Want Beyoncé to Get Pregnant!

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With rumors swirling around a Beyoncé pregnancy (her camp says it's not true), we couldn't help but come up with reasons why we think Sasha Fierce should have a baby!

Top Ten Reason We Hope Beyonce Is Pregnant

10) Bootylicious Baby Gear

There's no wayBeyoncé and Jay Z's tot would dare sport baby gear that's blah. On this uber-celeb baby we're surely see more sparkles, feathers, sequin and ... whatever else makes it bootylicious!

9) The Sasha Fierce Maternity Line

With more and more fashionable celeb mamas joining the mommyhood ranks, the future of maternity fashion keeps getting brighter and brighter! And nothing excited us more than the idea of miss Sasha Fierce herself dabbling in the world of Pea in a Pod and Motherhood Maternity and more!

There is no way this fierce lady would go through 9 months without sketching out her own preferred maternity wardrobe.

8) Jay-Z Designer Diaper Bag

He will help men around the world feel more secure as they carry their diaper bag. Jay will not only proudly carry his diaper bag, but he'll look incredibly cool doing it!

7) Their New Baby Book & CD

It seems a children's book and CD are inevitable!

"99 (Tiny) Problems" would definitely give "The Wiggles" a run for their money!

6) How Many Millions They'll Get For The First Picture

How much they'll bank? And who will get it first? The anticipation is already killing us!

5) Her Own Baby Dancing to "Single Ladies"

4) 'Ready For This Jelly' Baby Food Line

Her Fabulousness will not have time to be home brewin' her own baby food -- so she'll mass produce it, of course!!

We're ready for this jelly!

3) The Jaw-Dropping Nursery

Sure they won't pay a dollar for it -- but this future Diva's Palace will not doubt be to-die-for.

2) The Nude Baby Bump Photo!

You can't be a celeb and not sport for Demi Photo! Annie Leibovitz please save the date!

1) A New Music Genius Welcomed Into the World

The two ultimate chart toppers and hit makers will no doubt produce their biggest hit yet -- and the U.S. music industry wins big!

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Anonymous March 26, 2010, 6:37 PM

So her butt can get even bigger!

adelaide dancing March 26, 2010, 7:18 PM

it would be a pretty tough gig to have to follow in beyonce’s footsteps me thinks

MONIQUE April 16, 2010, 10:39 AM

I feel that they would have a beautiful baby,and who know’s it might beat mom or pop in the music industry one day…to be real I thought that jay-z was sleeping with rihanna and she was going to have his baby!!!!!!wow

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