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Why Can't Guys Keep It In Their Pants?

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Yes, Jesse James, we're talking about YOU!

momlogic's Julie: Hearing the news that Jesse James reportedly cheated on Sandra Bullock broke our hearts. How could this man who looked on so adoringly as she won the Academy Award be such a DOG?!

When she won the Golden Globe, Sandra said that before she met Jesse, she "never knew what it was like for someone to have my back." There were tears in Jesse's eyes as she won the Academy Award. Meanwhile, he was swapping texts, spit and bodily fluids with tattoo-model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee? Maybe it was JESSE who should have won the Academy Award, because he did one hell of an acting job there in the audience, playing Supportive Husband.

Watch Sandra speak lovingly about Jesse to Barbara Walters here:

Watching that now almost turns our stomachs. We are outraged for Sandra!

WHY do men cheat? We have covered that ground many times ... with Tiger, with Gordon Ramsay, with Mark Sanford, with John Edwards ... the list goes on and on. In short, when they have opportunity, many of them take it.


According to relationship expert Charles Orlando, the top reasons men cheat are:

* Lack of emotional intimacy
* Marital or relationship unhappiness
* To reaffirm his desirability
* To re-experience feelings of romance
* Loneliness
* Just want to have sex, or sexual variety
* Presented with an opportunity to have sex without getting immediately caught
* To satisfy sexual curiosity about having sex with a particular person
* The "thrill of the chase"
* The desire to feel important or special (an ego boost)

Will our men cheat on us? We've all read the warning signs. Here at momlogic, we've even spoken to mistresses to get their perspective, in our series "Who's Sleeping With Your Husband?"

For some reason, this cheating scandal (which is still unconfirmed, but seems pretty likely to be true) is affecting many of us differently than the rest. Sandra is America's Sweetheart. She is a loving stepmother to Jesse's three kids. Even though she and Jesse were an unlikely couple, they seemed like such a good match. They just seemed like the couple you'd want to hang out with.

But now ... it seems like Jesse James is a cheater just like the rest.

Sandra was on top of the world March 7 when she won the Academy Award ... now, 11 days later, her marriage is reportedly shattered and she's suffered the ultimate betrayal. It just seems so unfair.

Sandra has survived losing her mother ... and she will survive this, too, we're sure. But stories like this just make us hate guys who cheat even more.

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Misty March 22, 2010, 7:41 PM

OMG!!! I am so sickened by this whole thing. I have literally cried real tears for Sandra. I know how she feels right now. As I’m sure many other women out there do too. My ex-fiance cheated on me with 3 women he admitted to, and a 4th he wouldn’t admit to, but she new far too much about him to be lying. Anyhow, I too adored this man the way Sandra adored Jesse. And when you adore someone that way you truly have this “I’m so blessed to have this man in my life” feeling that you carry with you everywhere you go. Until of course you find out what they have been doing behind your back. And in an instant the world beneath your feet is shattered, and you have no idea how to pick up the pieces and move on. And you feel like a fool, and your heart is broken, and you’re so embarrased because you realize that some of your mutual friends knew all along and you are so confused. Because you love them, and you want to give them another chance, and you just keep hoping something earth moving is going to come out of their mouth that will take all the betrayal away and make it all okay again. I went to counceling for 1 year with my ex after I found out. But in the end I still had to walk because his words said stay, but his actions kept telling me to go.
Anyways, I think Sandra has to do what her heart tells her is the right thing to do. She loves this man. And its so unfair to her that this is happening infront of the whole world. If he is asking for forgiveness and she believes he’s truly sorry, and believes he will try to make it right, then they should get whatever help they need, and try to salvage their 5 year marriage. Instead of letting it fall apart over this terribly trashy woman he cheated with. THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE,
at the end of the day, Sandra is the one that has to live with her decision to stay or leave. I’m a FIRM believer that we all have to reach our point of enough is enough, but if your heart wants to be with that person you will live in the “what if” mentality. She has to silent the “what if’s” that I’m sure are whispering in her head. I don’t think these two have reached the point of enough is enough if he has truly learned from this. This is a private matter between a married couple, and it’s so easy for people to chime in and tell her to move on, but it’s not our business either way. I wish her, Jesse, and his children peace at the end of all this. I’m sure no one can deny that the end of a family is a tragic thing.

Anonymous March 24, 2010, 2:38 PM

men are scum-every single one of them. you can put a suit and a smile on him, dress him up, but at the end of the day he is lower on the evolutionary scale than a roach. incapable of compassion, epathy, honesty and commitment. men should be viewed and treated as a pet/toy. would you marry your dog? do you expect loyalty from a video game? when will women see the light?! haven’t the OVERabundance of recent examples had ANY impact on revealing the true nature of men?use them for entertainment and/or an occasional bone, but don’t expect ANYTHING more. they can’t help it, they are not genetically capable.

Shayne Prudden May 9, 2010, 8:04 PM

It is frieghtening how psycho this Jesse James guy appears to be. Who would have thought of dressing up in a nazi uniform for all the world to see. What a total and complete nut job!

Jared March 2, 2011, 7:34 PM

Ye cause women are so frickin perfect and they never do anything wrong

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