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Boy, 11, Confronts Attacker: 'Let Go of My Mom!'

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KTLA: Susana Reteguin heard a noise shortly after midnight and thought her husband was getting home from work.

Susana Reteguin270.jpg
But then she saw a stranger approaching her bed and she remembers calling out, "Who are you?"

The man said nothing as he jumped on her and hit her and cut her with a knife.

"I felt him hit me and saw blood everywhere," Reteguin said.

That's when her 11-year-old son Luis came to the rescue.

Luis ran into the bedroom and jumped on the man's back. "Let go of my mom! Let go of my mom!" he screamed as the man turned and began cutting him.

Luis said he ran to the kitchen for a knife to defend himself and his mother.

But when he confronted the attacker, Luis said the man grabbed the knife by the blade, pulling it out of the handle.

"I think he cut himself," Luis said Sunday.

Luis then ran to grab a telephone and call 911. "When he saw I had the phone, he ran."

Both Susana and Luis bear scars from last Friday's attack. Susana's face was still bruised Sunday, and a gash along her neck was stitched up. Luis had cuts to his cheek and jaw.

Police say the man ran downstairs after the attack and fled through a neighbor's apartment in the 2500 block of North Monitor Avenue.

Susana Reteguin described him as as Hispanic, 25 and 30 years old, stocky, with a dark complexion, long hair and a beard. She said he smelled of alcohol.

Police say he remains at-large.

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