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Celeb Moms Adopting Alone

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Today the news broke that Sandra Bullock is adopting as a single mother. She's not alone. Many other celeb moms have adopted as single parents.

sandra bullock

While "having it all" is usually defined as "kids, career and marriage," that's not the case for many celebrity moms who have adopted children without being married -- or, for that matter, even being in a relationship. Meg Ryan recently admitted, "It's very difficult to be a career person and have a relationship. I didn't succeed at doing it at all. It's incredibly hard." But that didn't stop the queen of romantic comedies from adopting her daughter, Daisy True, from China in 2005.

"It goes alongside the growing trend in adoption," says Barbara Turvett, an adoptive parent and editor at Working Mother magazine. "It's becoming not just an acceptable thing to do, but a favorable thing to do. It's a great way to form a family."

It's not always possible to adopt if you're a single parent. While some countries may be open to single-parent adoptions, some, like Korea, only allow traditional two-parent families to adopt. Of course, celebrities -- who have an endless supply of money and resources -- often have little trouble convincing agencies they'll be able to provide a good home for a child.

Check out other celebrity moms who've adopted kids solo:

Celeb Moms Adopting Alone

Sheryl Crow

Songstress and cancer survivor Sheryl Crow, 45, adopted her son Wyatt Steven in 2007. On the View she admitted, Wyatt often looks at her band members with a look that begs, "Are you my daddy?"

Edie Falco

Tony Soprano's TV wife--in real life--is unmarried and the mom of two adopted children.

Calista Flockhart

Long before she met Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford, Calista adopted son Liam. It was rumored she adopted because she didn't want to lose her figure. She denied the allegations.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Not long after adopting Claudia Rose in 1993, Michelle married David E Kelly, a writer and producer for Ally McBeal. Since then, they have had one son, John, in 1994.

Diane Keaton

The star of Annie Hall adopted daughter Dexter in 1996, and then son Duke in 2001. She's been linked romantically to Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, the 62-year-old actress has never married.

Mia Farrow

The mother of all celebrity adopters has adopted ten children since 1973. Many when Mia was between high-profile relationships. One such relationship ended when Woody Allen ran off with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

Joan Crawford

Joan "Mommy Dearest" Crawford was one of the first high-profile celebrities to adopt children while unmarried. In 1940, Crawford adopted Christina, who later would write a scathing book about her mother.

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