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Mom: The Constant Gardener

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Though we are always tending to others, sometimes our own "flowers" need some TLC.

woman gardening

Blythe Newsome: I love working in the yard. You start with dirt and little seeds, tending to the seeds, watering them, making sure they have just enough sun and shade. And then you watch and wait. Some days, it seems as if they will never grow ... and suddenly there is the little sign of growth and a green bud appears from the earth. In the blink of an eye, those green buds blossom into beautiful flowers.

In life, some of us are gardeners and others are flowers. We need both in this world. Two gardeners would have nothing to do without flowers. And flowers would not blossom and grow without the gardeners to tend to them.

As parents, we are, of course, the gardeners -- tending to our flowers, watching them spread and grow, trying to keep the weeds out and the perfect amount of sunlight in. We want our children to have good, strong roots to withstand the storms of life, yet have beauty and color to brighten this world. I want the garden of life that my children are in to be filled with lots of plants for them to enjoy, yet I want them to be smart enough to know which ones are not to be trusted, no matter how beautiful they are.

It can be exhausting to be the gardener each and every day. Sometimes as moms we need to let ourselves be flowers and be tended to. Take a walk. Let someone take you out for a nice dinner. Set the housework aside for a minute and sit back and talk to your child. I am amazed at how much joy I get from just sitting on the floor and having a tea party with my children. The laughter that comes while we play a kickball game in the front yard can keep my spirits up for days. A little quiet time -- 15 minutes reading a book -- can give you the energy to go through the rest of the day.

To everyone who knows a mom or a gardener: Take a minute to tend to them. And moms, remember that tomorrow, your flower will be a little bigger, a little stronger and a little brighter because of all you do.

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margaret April 8, 2010, 4:10 AM

I couldn’t agree more. I love to spend time in the garden and I loved being a mum. Recently I realised that I really miss those days of lots of little ones (I had 8) including the neighbourhood kids doing craft work, hearing them sort of grievances, working together on solutions, making gifts for parents for Christmas etc etc. I do miss all this but I do have to say that I couldn’t do it now. There are times for everything so continue to cherish this time with your children as they are growing up. It comes far too soon but does fit in with one’s personal changes too.

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