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Dr. Cooper Freedman Would Breastfeed if He Could

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Check out how "Private Practice" star Paul Adelstein and his wife are preparing for their baby!

paul adelstein

Elizabeth Thorp: I recently met with childhood friend and faux pediatrician Paul Adelstein in Hollywood to catch up and find out how he and his actress wife, Liza Weil (best known as Paris Geller on "Gilmore Girls"), are prepping for parenthood.

He's not a doctor, but he plays one on TV, so I administered a baby-related flashcard test to see if Paul was truly baby-ready. Here are the images -- and his responses:

• Old-school green nasal aspirator: "Oh yes, I just used that on the set. It's a nasal suction thingy."
• Breast pump: "Breast pump, duh. Is that all you got?"
• Nursing pillow: "It's a Boppy!" (Uh, he even knows the brand names!)
• Hemorrhoid pillow: "It's a hemorrhoid seat." (I'm a little anxious that Paul knows this.)
• Gigantic pregnant stomach with angry, red stretch marks:"Oh, wow. That looks painful. Stretch marks."
• Sitz bath: "A bidet for the car!"

Technically, Paul only got the sitz bath wrong. He's either the most excited, doting husband ever, or he has been fully educated by the on-set pediatric expert. I asked Paul some follow-up questions:

Elizabeth Thorp: Are you ready for labor and delivery?

Paul Adelstein:
I'm ready for delivery, but not looking forward to seeing wifey uncomfortable or in pain -- I'm more excited than nervous.

ET: Do you think you'll revert to character in the delivery room, and try to take over the labor and delivery? Suit up with gloves and mask, tell the nurse, "Two milligrams of morphine, STAT!"?

No, I'll only ask for morphine for me.

ET: What kind of parent will you be?


ET: Do you think you'll be a helicopter parent?

Potentially, but I think things are trending away from that in general. Most of our friends with little kids are trying not to be.

ET: How hands-on will you be? Poopy diapers? Night feedings? Calming fussy baby?

All of it. If only I had breasts ....

Baby Adelstein is due April 20. Luckily, Paul will be done shooting "Private Practice" in two weeks, and he'll be on hiatus through July. When he's not on the set or changing diapers, Paul songwrites and fronts for his Los Angeles-based band, Doris. They have a new album coming out midsummer. He has a studio in his house and is looking forward to writing songs for the baby.

The "Private Practice" set is only a mile and a half from Paul and Liza's house, and is super family-friendly. He anticipates that the new arrival will visit the set often, like Taye Diggs' infant son, Walker. The whole cast is very excited -- Taye being the most engaged, anticipating a playmate for Walker. Says Paul, "They will all be great aunts and uncles."

Paul is a native Chicagoan and an Obama supporter, and is anxious to visit Washington, DC (for obvious reasons). Wouldn't he blend in so well with his Secret-Service/Special-Agent-Kellerman training? He says he wants to come to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, maybe with castmate Tim Daly.

I told him, "Not this year, Paul -- the dinner is May 1." He smiled, thinking of the upcoming due date. "Definitely next year," he says.

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