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Too Scared NOT To Spend Time With Kids?

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The reason we might be spending more time with our kids is because we have no choice.

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A new study reported about in the New York Times says that parents are actually spending more time with their kids than ever before.

The study, conducted by the researchers at the University of California, San Diego, cited less housework and more parenting equality between spouses as the reasons for the increase.  According to the research, the number of hours of interaction jumped from 12 hours a week pre-1995 to 21.2 hours a week in 2007.

It's nice to hear some good news for a change, and not to have to reel in the endless "working-mom guilt." Still, I believe that one of the reasons for the increase in child/parent time (a reason not mentioned in the article) is simply that we have no choice. Gone are the days when you could send your kids out into the neighborhood streets and call them in time for dinner. Most of my childhood was spent running loose in our neighborhood after school, like some free-ranging farm animal. My daughter, unfortunately, will not have the same freedom.

Do you spend more time with your kids than your parents spent with you? Why?

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Black Iris April 6, 2010, 2:20 PM

I suspect that one reason moms spend more time with kids than they did in the 1990s is that more of us are at home or working part-time. Also more people can telecommute than in the past.
I’m not sure if I spend more time with my kids than my mom did, but it is definitely true that I can’t send them out to play with the kids next door the way my mom did. The kids next door are at after-school care and the neighborhood is somewhat empty. In addition, I have fewer kids than my mom did. I also have more household conveniences and am generally a worse housekeeper anyway.

jlk April 7, 2010, 5:27 AM

I still send my kids out to play like my mom did.

sew mom June 26, 2010, 9:41 PM

I spend way more time with my kids than my parents did. That’s mostly because they both worked full time. I remember being told in the morning just to come back for dinner. My kids do like to take off for approved friend’s houses, but I don’t hesitate to check up on them after a couple of hours. Their friends hang around here at times, too.

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