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Jon and Kate Plus Pop Quizzes?!

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It doesn't matter that Kate Gosselin has already penned two parenting books: A judge has ordered that she and Jon take a mandatory parenting class. (But not together .... Whew!)

john and kate gosselin

The parenting class is called "Children in the Middle," and it's required for all moms and dads who are in the middle of custody battles in Berks County, Pennsylvania (which the globetrotting Gosselins call home).

We're not quite sure if the class could genuinely meet the special needs of Team Gosselin.
Let's see: Eight kids who've lived their lives in front of the TV cameras, adouchydad who parties like it's 1999 ('cept it's 2010) and a mom who can count herself among the hardest-working of the D-List celebs?Yep, just a normal family all trying to get along ... not!

Do you think these two need more than a three-hour parenting course?

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