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Meet 'Real Housewife' Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

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Whew! This season of "The Real Housewives of New York City" is chock-full of vim, vigor and the kind of cringeworthy confrontation that can even make an onlooker squirm from the confines of their couch. We recently caught up with LuAnn de Llesseps and got her take on life on "RHONY," mothering through crisis and handling conflict with all the class of a Countess.

countess luann delesseps

momlogic: What an action-packed season of "Real Housewives!" How was shooting this season different from the others?

LuAnn de Lesseps: I've learned that it is always better to take the high road. It is easier because I've gotten more used to the camera. It was more fun shooting this season because I have my old friend Sonya on the show. It's nice to have her be a part of our group. She's a lot of fun.

ml: In an interview on, you mentioned that your "Countessness" is sometimes exaggerated a little bit by editing. How much of the show is really you?

LDL: It is really me on the show, but my life is distilled down to a one-hour episode, which makes everything seem much more dramatic. Things can be taken out of context. For example, I start the show by saying, "I don't feel guilty for being privileged; I feel lucky." They edited out the "lucky" part.

ml: It seems like each scene on the show this season features some sort of altercation between the "Housewives." Was the vibe as stressful as it seems on TV?

LDL: I grew up in a large family with six brothers and sisters, so I know what stress is. It is important to know when to walk out of the room. Saying less is more.

ml: As an expert on class and etiquette, how do you maintain your composure during these kinds of situations?

LDL: Like I say in my book, "Class with the Countess," class is about making others feel comfortable and knowing that most rude questions and comments are undeserving of an answer.

ml: How would you advise another woman to do the same?

LDL: Think before you speak. Take a deep breath. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

ml: How do you balance work and family?

LDL: I think you can balance work and family if you are well-organized. My children are proud of me, and it's important for them to see me happy and successful.

ml: What's your biggest challenge in balancing work and family?

LDL: Having enough time for everyone!

ml: What advice would you offer -- as a mom to our mom readers -- on how to handle a divorce with respect to children?

LDL: Keep it amicable. Children need to see that you can be loving parents regardless of your differences.

ml: You seem so happy in your new relationship! What advice would you give a newly single mom just getting her feet wet in the dating pool?

LDL: Happiness comes from within, and men are attracted to happy women. Don't dwell on the past -- and have a positive attitude about the future.

ml: We admire your loyalty to Jill this season. How do your friendships keep you sane as a mom?

LDL: I'm very lucky, because I have a lot of close girlfriends who I can talk to about anything and are very supportive. Being a mom is challenging. Girlfriends are better and cheaper than therapists!

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JrzShoreLady April 26, 2010, 4:10 PM

You have got to be kidding me with some of these answers, Countless LuAnn. I think you better go back and read “your” book again. You most certainly do not take the high road this season. You are as low as a snake just like Bethenny said. You have been rude and a liar, and it’s all been caught on film. You yourself say “that most rude questions and comments are undeserving of an answer,” and yet you congratulate B on her engagement in one breath & then ask why she called you a snake or owes you an apology in another. And speaking a different language in front of other guests is also rude since they have no idea what you are talking about. I realize that was your intention, but you could have pulled Mario aside and asked for his apology alone.

Stop being a mean girl listening in on other’s phone calls without announcing yourself and grow up!!! Act like the class act that you claim you are.

Kyle April 26, 2010, 6:59 PM

money can’t buy you class, money can’t buy you class, elegance is learned…oh yah!


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