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Moms ROCKS! 'Iron Chef' Cat Cora

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Mom Rocks

Yvette Manessis Corporon: "Controlled chaos" is how Cat describes her home life with wife Jennifer and their four young boys (aged six and under). The lesbian couple made headlines last year when they announced that they were both pregnant with each other's babies -- at the same time! Proud mama that she is, Cat couldn't wait to fill us in on how those beautiful babies are doing. "Thanks for asking," she says. "The babies are great! Thatcher is about to have his first birthday, and Nash is 8 months old."

cat cora

As for the decision to have the babies simultaneously, let's just call it a recipe for a happy home life. "Because of my hectic career and travel schedule, and Jen being a work-from-home mom, we knew the best option for us [was to] have the babies as close together as possible," Cat explains. "We breastfeed each of the babies together, taking turns, switching off. Also, every mom knows that having a 1-year-old just walking and an infant is tough -- and really having them close in age was much easier."

It's not so easy, managing the demands of being (in Cat's words) "an Iron Chef and an Iron Mom." But this rockin' mama says a little planning goes a long way. "I'm always making lists, planning out my week," she says. But lists aren't her only secret weapon: "I also have a wife," she says. "Everyone should have a wife." No kidding!

"Jennifer and I have a real balance," Cat explains. "Jennifer takes care of the kids with our nanny, takes care of payroll for my business and bills. I, on the other hand, also have a home office to use when I am home, so I am readily available to my kids during the day and night. It is a good balance -- and that is important in a marriage of any kind." Oh Cat, momlogic couldn't agree more!

cat cora

Now, while this superstar chef has an arsenal of recipes at hand, don't expect her to turn into a short-order cook at home. When it comes to mealtime with the family, Cat tells us she sticks to an ironclad rule. "I serve meals the way my mom did," she says. "We offer them dinner and tell them that the kitchen is closed. The boys eat what we eat -- no special meals for each different member of the family. If they make a 'happy plate' (I know it is silly coming from an Iron Chef, but they like when I talk silly to them), then they can have something before bed -- a bowl of cereal, fruit or a dessert such as a small scoop of ice cream or small treat of some kind. If not, then the kitchen is closed."

She also insists that getting your kids involved in mealtime planning and preparation will help them become better eaters. And here's a tasty tip: Portion control is key. "If you start on the small side," she says, "kids are not overwhelmed, and they may go back for seconds. The amount we serve to our 6-year-old is different than our 3-year-old, but we eat the same thing. We give them a realistic amount that we know they could finish."

And we just had to finish up with a kid-friendly recipe from one of our favorite moms who ROCK! Enjoy!

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