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8 Reasons I Think the Octomom Is On Something

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Ever wanted to peek into the brain of Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom? Wait, don't answer that ....

Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey tried to get to the bottom of how Suleman, who appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" via satellite, had gotten herself into the predicament of being a single, unemployed mom of 14. During the hour-long interview, Oprah suddenly said that she'd had an epiphany. "Other people have addictions," mused the talk-show queen. "You are addicted to having children." Nice point, Oprah, but I surmise that Nadya is addicted to something else ... and it ain't legal. There's no other way to explain her bizarre daytime television appearance.

Put simply, Octomom is either hopped up on goofballs or off her rocker ... or both. Here's why:

nadya Suleman

1) She NEVER sleeps.The behind-the-scenes footage of a typical day in Suleman's life started at 5:54 in the morning and ended at 5:00 the next morning. During the entire 24-hour cycle, the woman never slept. Nor did she drink a cup of coffee or soda. Suleman told Oprah that she only gets three hours of sleep a night. How does she do it? By "taking deep breaths throughout the day," she said. Did she mean through her nose?

2) She believes that she's the supreme leader of a utopian society. Suleman exhibits the classic narcissistic tendencies shared by many of the world's greatest wackos -- all she's missing is a tinfoil hat. Nadya told Oprah that her children give her comfort because, "Kids won't leave you. You can create this safe, predictable little society. I created this village -- my own little safe, predictable, safe village." Just substitute "village" for "cult."

3) She's delusional. Nadya said that she would never consider putting her children in foster care or up for adoption, because she has the ability to meet all of her children's needs. Yet her house (which resembles a poorly run orphanage) is filled with screaming children yearning for attention. At one point, Calyssa, one of her 3-year-old twins, attempts to squash an octuplet like she's stomping grapes. Maybe somebody could handle her situation. Unfortunately for those poor children, it's not their mother.

4) She's manic.The day-in-a-life footage of the Octomom featured her feeding and herding her kids around like an energetic Border collie. How does she unwind? Well, technically she doesn't. "I will journal from two in the morning to five in the morning," she said. Hmm ... obsessively writing in a journal until 5 AM when your kids get up then? Sounds freaky ...speed freaky.

5) She's a compulsive liar.Either she has clothespins holding up her face and a chronic allergic reaction that permanently swells her lips, or this chick has been under the knife. Yet she continues to deny that she had plastic surgery. And let's not forget that (suspiciously flat) belly: If she lost the baby-weight naturally, what did she do with the four excess yards of skin?

6) She dresses like a giant baby herself.Q: What woman would allow herself to be filmed in horizontal-striped, union-suit pajamas and giant bunny slippers? A: One who is certifiably insane ... or has a fetish for giant onesies. Seriously, on Oprah that's what you wear?! WTF?

7) She has a split personality.One of her personalities talks about working toward her master's degree and drops words like "erroneous," "enshrouds," "duplicitous" and "deleterious." The other claims she had no idea that food stamps count as government assistance. "I was receiving food stamps with the six children for one year," she said. "Once I found out it was affiliated to welfare ... I terminated them." Did she cancel the food stamps, or her other personality, Sybil, do it for her?

8) She's paranoid. Cloistered in the prison of her own making, Nadya is fearful of how the outside world perceives her -- particularly her nannies. When asked by one of Oprah's producers if she has ever worried that a nanny who hasn't shown up has possibly quit like the others, she flipped out. "No one's quit!" she said. "Who's quit?! Who's quit?! No one's ever quit! I fired everyone who's not working for me anymore. No one's ever quit." Maybe they're just buried under the floorboards ....

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Mel April 21, 2010, 2:26 PM

The woman does come across as nuts. What I found interesting was the food stamp comment. Apparently 1/8 people in America uses food stamps right now… I hope that money is going to folks who need it. —

Lisa April 21, 2010, 2:57 PM

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about this woman. I couldn’t stand how she would cut Oprah off and talk over her. And she is stupid for not taking food stamps…I bet her monthly food bill is a much as her house/rent payment.

HilLesha April 21, 2010, 5:02 PM

The woman may seem to be out there, but I don’t think she is on anything. I just think she has a mental illness.

I strongly disagree with #1. I was able to get 8 hours of sleep before I had my son. Now, I’m lucky if I even get 6. I know most moms are this way. Think of HOW MANY children she has to take care of on her own. I don’t think I would be able to sleep at all either. I would probably be crazy myself. :p

ss April 21, 2010, 6:33 PM

If a person goes as long as Nadya has without sleep they either have an emotional break down, hallucinate, or wind up in a full-blown psychosis. Either she’s lying about how much sleep she gets or she’s on something. Being that manic for over a year like that is a sign of a severe mental illness or a drug addiction. I hope she’s lying about how much sleep she gets. I hope she naps during the day when the nannies are there because it’s not safe to go without sleep for that long.

I think she was incredibly stupid for having so many kids but now that they’re here I feel bad for her and them. I don’t see how it’s possible for her to go on like this much longer without hitting a wall of some kind.

Annonymous April 21, 2010, 6:53 PM

Nadya Suleman is obvious insane and need to be in the mental ward. Due to the obvious she never sleeps and never drink coffee or soda during day. CPS obvious made a huge mistake in closing the Octo-Mom investigate into child neglect. They should took all of the children and put up for adoption. And put the mother either in prison or mental ward for life. Also she seem extreme manic and delusional.

annonymous April 21, 2010, 6:56 PM

Octo-mom is obvious insane and need to be committed. She a nut case having all those kids. CPS obvious made a whole mistake in closing investigate into child neglect for Nadya kids. They should have took all those kids. They either be in prison or the mental ward for life.

DynamicDbytheC April 21, 2010, 7:31 PM

1. Clearly she has issues. 2. However, she seems to love her children and a foster home would not be much better (the rate of abuse, neglect, etc is horrible in foster care, I worked with children). 3. She is on something, adrenaline. I do not think that was a “typical” day as one of her children went to the ER and was sick all night. 4. I have had periods where I was in a stressful demanding situation and slept very little. It will catch up with her and I hope she can take care of herself. 5. I found her sympathetic. I am glad the mistakes of my youth did not result in 14 children. She had issues and is paying the price. 6. She does qualify for assistance and should be taking it regardless of the backlash. The children need a caretaker, she is willing to do it and clearly loves the children, but she can’t continue at the pace she is going without sacrificing her health. 7. I wish the best for her and her children and I for one am sick of the ugly people and comments. What we should do is donate time, money, clothing, food, whatever to kept them all afloat and stop donating ugly negativity. Good luck to Nadya and your children. While I disagree with your choices, you are taking responsibility for those choices.

Sandra April 21, 2010, 8:26 PM

This is a very mean post…pushing her kids like a border coolie? Bad spelling right there! Why do I wish her the best? Because she was not lazing around. She obviously needs care herself so knock it off and keep your face shut.

Anonymous April 22, 2010, 6:11 AM

Remember, if you have nothing to add, criticize grammar and spelling.

Dixie April 22, 2010, 7:32 AM

If, by her own admission, she was on food stamps for that year before the birth of the tups,(and let`s face it, she originally denied it. Only after it was made public knowledge did she own up to it) I have to ask, how on earth was she able to qualify for the food stamp program, yet have enough disposable income to pursue yet ANOTHER very expensive round of IVF that resulted in their birth!I don`t think they`d have been offering her $490 a month in food stamps if they knew she was spending $10,000 or more across town to bring in 8 more mouths to feed.

Anonymous April 22, 2010, 7:53 AM

DynamicDbytheC znd Sandra, go to spend a couple of hours on that heavy reading and then come back to this forum and state your opinions. The fact that Nadya is a pathological liar is the least of her ‘sins’.

Barbwire April 22, 2010, 8:34 AM

Great summary momlogic. Your observations are 100% right on and clear as the bell that can’t be (un)rung!What amazes me is the number of people she seems to have deceived. I realize it’s the lunatic fringe surfacing there, but still that’s frightening she has “sympathizers” at all. She is what makes a scarey world.

Lila April 22, 2010, 9:00 AM

Momlogic, right on! I was disappointed that Oprah basically allowed Octo to lie on-camera and didn’t challenge her. When she says she has not had plastic surgery, why not pull out any of the before/after pics out there and follow up with, “how do you explain this?” When she says she wasn’t on gov’t assistance, follow up with - “what about the Social Security payments and the worker’s comp, as well as the food stamps? And have you paid off your student loans yet?” When she says she was taking care of six kids already, challenge her: “Don’t you mean your parents were taking care of those six, you contributed almost nothing (using your student loans and disability money for more in-vitro), and the costs caused your aging parents to lose their home and forced your father to go back to work in a war zone, and by the way, isn’t it your father who bought the La Habra house?” And: “Do you realize you have financially ruined your parents in their old age?”

This woman is NOT going to be able to care for all those kids, and there’s more trouble coming as the kids grow up. The sooner they are out of her hands, the better for them.

jen April 22, 2010, 9:55 AM

Loved the comment about “some Jolie woman”.

DynamicDbytheC April 28, 2010, 9:17 AM

Sandra go drop off some more diapers and drop-ins, you SUCKER. Why all the sympathy? Obsessed with gypsy Fraudya or are you as crazy as she is? Hopefully you’re barron too, bit(hes like you are not meant to reproduce. Play with mother nature and you end up with future sociopaths for kids- Elijah throwing screwdrivers at Fraudya’s face and physically abusing and tormenting his siblings, Caleb- bites, kicks, pinches, hits the tups and calls Nadya bi*ch instead of Mom, and slow Calyssa who without any emotion violently stomps on an innocent baby who is caged up with her like an abused dog living in a puppy mill. GorillaFace Nadya is beyond mean as she herds her children around like a border collie; she certainly doesn’t treat them with genuine care or love as a mother.
Most of the children seem to display varying degrees of reactive attachment disorder, and rightfully so- they are herded and neglected at Sulemonster’s Third-World orphanage.

Laurie April 28, 2010, 10:27 AM

So Nadya claimed as soon as she realized food stamps were “welfare”, she just got off them. I guess she really didn’t need them in the first place if it was so easy to just “go off them” immediately. It’s a shame Oprah let her lie - but this article is awesome. It’s about time someone writes about her blatant inconsistencies.

Peanut Santiago April 28, 2010, 10:39 AM

Quote: “What we should do is donate time, money, clothing, food, whatever to kept them all afloat and stop donating ugly negativity.”

Donate money to Nadya when so many decent hardworking parents have lost their jobs do to no fault of their own?

“Ugly negativity”???

That sure sounds like Nadya herself, especially the octo-babble!

Peanut Santiago April 28, 2010, 10:43 AM

For the spelling police….”do” should be “due”….

My bad.

donedonedone April 28, 2010, 12:00 PM

1. The media has failed 14 kids from the start by making this All About Nadya—- a narcissistic sociopath who has demonstrated no compunction about doing anything to her kids to maintain her center-stage facetime.

2. Every kid has two parents. And the father here is rumored to be a very well off local doctor. And he is not the fertility doctor. Why has he been given a free pass by the media to keep himself anonymous and not be supporting the spawn her created over ten years. TEN YEARS.

3. Nadya Suleman has blown through between half a million and a million dollars in 16 months and is still begging for more. That doesn’t include the price of that house or the furnishings donated by DR. Phil. Which would probably double that amount.
Why hasn’t Oprah asked for a public accounting of donations when she begged on Oprah while wearing $400 —real price- worth of fake eyelashes.

4. Why hasn’t she had her kid’s harelip fixed while she has had repeated cosmetic surgery including lip implants. Why not name the Iranian Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who took over $50,000 away from penniless kids to do this surgery.

5. Why did Oprah let such a horrible home situation —dirty, unsafe, earsplitting and crowded —go unremarked upon? She has done everything to save every kid who has ever appeared on her show. Why not these? She should have had Child Protective services there to help out those kids.

6. Why weren’t any former or present nannies interviewed? They’ve been on line saying she sleeps late and long, keeps herself shut into her room watching her 60 inch TV, soaking in her jacuzzi and reading and writing internet posts about herself, like the one here at7:31. She likes to use the name of posters who have formerly written complaints about her. The real Sandra was a nanny who walked out on her.

7. It is pretty clear that this woman has serious mental problems that are detrimental to raising fourteen kids .That Would of course be a challenge to any sane woman. So why is the state leaving 14 kids at the perilous whim of a sociopath.

8 If she isn’t on drugs why has she appeared on the View and on radio acting like she is so utterly tweaking? Talking a mile a minute, internet, delusional, paranoid and just every definition of out of it. Would you leave your child in the care of the woman you saw on The View.

But these are all moot points. The public has rejected Suleman several times over by now. And those who make decisions in the media aren’t going to like her more as these kids get older and look more and more miserable and undisciplined. Did you see one happy kid making eye contact with its mother or even smiling in the whole bunch?

Again who cares what this sociopath wants or needs? Shouldn’t it be about what 14 kids need to survive?

donedonedone April 28, 2010, 12:05 PM

that should read incoherent —not internet

Talking a mile a minute, internet, delusional,…..

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