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Phoebe Prince's Essays Reveal Private Pain

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Phoebe Prince's class essays were revealed on "Today" this morning. Prince is the Massachusetts teen who committed suicide after being bullied at her school. Her essays discussed self-mutilation, Twitter, Facebook -- and her emotional anguish and pain.

Meanwhile, a Massachusetts mom told People that her daughter might not be alive today if it weren't for Phoebe Prince. Carla Carey's daughter was being harassed by a classmate, and she said she didn't want to go on. Because of Prince's suicide, Carey took her daughter's pain very seriously. She called the police and got her daughter into a hospital, where she spent six days being treated for emotional distress. She's home now, and Carey credits Phoebe Prince with saving her daughter's life.

For tips on cyberbullying prevention -- including what to do if your child is being cyberbullied -- click here.

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dan bloom April 21, 2010, 11:14 PM

news now says sources say PP tried to committ suicide 8 times in Ireland before comign to USA, aSk me how i know, i am on her side, but this is damaging to media storyu no?

Big Tom April 22, 2010, 10:38 AM

dan bloom,
What news? All of my google searches turns up nothing along those lines. Got links? Methinks you are taking a huge risk with your credibility.

Responding to the essay,
Why is it that bullies always target the most vulnerable? That they only torment the weak must mean they are quite sick themselves.

MarkSpizer May 3, 2010, 3:04 AM

great post as usual!

dan July 24, 2010, 6:50 AM

Tom see?

Jeff, you remember me and you remember I told you all this in April and you dissed me and did not believe me at first and then later you apologized. I fed my tips to Emily and she went even deeper, after I spoke to her by phone. She, among all the other reporters, beleived me. We are not into hate. We are not blaming Phoebe. Here’s my take, Jeff, and your reactions are welcome.

Lisa, I emailed the same news tips to Mr Eckholm and Ms Zemina at the Times when the story broke and I sent them also to all reporters covering this story in APril and only Ms Brazelon took my tips about earlier suicide and cutting seriously and went deeper and dug deeper and came up the very good follow up. She even took my phone call, frm Taiwan. But the rest of the news media in the USA refused to listen to me. It’s on my blog from mid April, sources in South Hadley contacted my via email and FB and my blog zippy1300 by name and told me about the cutting, the cigarette burns on her arms, and 8 previous suicide attemtps in Ireland before Phoebe ever came to the USA. This will come out later. It wasn’t just a suicide attempt in Mass. in 2009. This story has legs, sadly, and there’s more to come. The Hollywood arc that the media fell for, including the Times and the Times bloggers on this, was the Mean Girls arc and while the bullies deserve the be punished, the school officials do too, and nobody wins here. But yes, reporters, and you too, Lisa, listen to people when the try to tell you news tips that they are sure of. You did not even return my emails to you back then. Neither did Holly Epstein. Neither did Dan Kennedy in Boston. Only smart savvy Emily B was brave enough to go where no other reported dared to go, and ask her, I was one of the people who supplied her with very good smoking gun tips that needed to be confirmed. She did. Good legwork, great reporter. She deserves a Pulitzer for this.

All that said, nobody is blaming Phoebe, who is an angel in heaven now. We are not blaming the victim. For me, I am blaming the news media for rushing to judgment when the story first broke in April and not allowing any contrarian news arcs to come into play….until now. Brazelon delivered the goods. And it’s a tragedy all around.

google my blog search to see how i posted the exact same news, but unconfirmed, in April and May, and for this i earned the wrath of a huge party of angry people in South Hadley who did not want to hear the truth. They still don’t, and a lad named sauerkraut is first among them. The blind leading the blind.

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