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12 'Lessons' We Learned from Rielle Hunter on 'Oprah'

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Who knew Oprah's interview with Rielle Hunter would be so darn informative? Yeah, we already knew the sordid details of Hunter's fooling around with former presidential candidate John Edwards. What we didn't know was that Rielle has an extraordinary ability to delude herself into thinking she's not a no-good, home-wrecking mess. Impressive.

12 "Lessons" We Learned from Rielle Hunter on Oprah

Show The World You're Not Evil By Taking Off Your Pants

Oprah: [re: GQ Magazine shoot] What were you thinking?

Rielle: "I was thinking, I would like to have one sexy shot where the world can see me as a beautiful woman, as opposed to all those photos that are out there of me looking like some Wicked Witch of the West -- the ugliest thing you could ever imagine."

Being a Mistress is Empowering

Rielle: "I have become a better person from the process ... more compassionate, more aware."

Blame Others

Oprah: "What is it you want people to really understand about what has happened here?"

Rielle: "All of their feelings that they're feeling and hatred that's directed toward me has to do with their fears or their anger and disappointment and sadness about their mother cheating on their father or their father or their husband or their spouse. It has to do with them, and it doesn't have to do with me, because they don't know me."

Want Privacy? Go on Oprah!

Rielle: "This whole journey has been so hard for me. I am a really private person with my personal life."

Sex Tapes are Hard to Destroy

Oprah: "What did you do to destroy the tape?"

Rielle: "I cut it, and I pulled it out of the casing."

Oprah: "Why didn't you burn it or stomp on it or throw it in the incinerator?"

Everyone in the World is Naive But You

Rielle: "A lot of people bought into the myth of the marriage as being a storybook story, being so perfect and wonderful, and I destroyed it."

Make Up Your Own Rules

Rielle: "It's not my experience that a third party can wreck a home. A home is wrecked before a third party comes into the picture.
I followed my heart, and I believe it was the right thing to do, which is weird. I get how weird that is. I didn't make a commitment to Elizabeth."

Men Love it When You Talk Dirty

On her first meeting with Edwards:

Rielle: "...and I just turned to him and said, 'You're so hot.' And he practically jumped in my arms."

Lying, Cheating Presidential Candidates Need Help From Unemployed New Age Freaks

Rielle: "[When I first met Edwards] I said to him, 'I can help you!' And he said, 'I want your help! I need your help!' [I wanted him to] see his authentic self. Be more his authentic self so people could see who he really was..."

Being a Mistress is Like Being an Uncover Spy!

Rielle: "I bought him a cell phone that looked just like his work phone so he could talk to me wherever he was and people would think he was on his work phone."

Men Who Lie About Paternity Should Do It HONESTLY.

On Edward's thoughts when he was attempting to cover her pregnancy:

Rielle: "I'm trying to fix it. I've got to fix it. I've got to make it better, so I'm going to keep lying."

When All Else Fails: Play Dumb. REAL Dumb.

Rielle: "Do I think I hurt Elizabeth? You would have to ask Elizabeth that. I don't know. I don't know the answer to that.

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Anonymous April 30, 2010, 11:34 AM

I understand now why she took the racy photos, to counteract the kind of paparazzi photos like the 12 of 12 photo in this article. There were also photos of her well dressed in nice outfits that the magazine did not publish. But a lot of what she said in the interview about honesty and lying was very contradictory. I think she would have come across better if she’d just said she fell in love with him, and was willing to wait for him to figure out what he wanted, instead of talking about how much she values authenticity while she was being duplicitous.

I don’t know about the Edwards marriage or whether it was over except for the show by the time she arrived. But everyone has a right to change their mind. Everyday each spouse makes a choice, to choose the other spouse or another path without the spouse.

La_Dee2003 April 30, 2010, 2:51 PM

@Anonymous: “Everyday” spouses make the choice to choose each other?? Really?? I can’t actually remember every having heard wedding vows wherein those being married promised to “love and to cherish for today and possibly tomorrow, if I/we again so choose” … nope, never heard anything vaguely close to it!

Rielle Hunter is a deluded, immoral person whose only interest is herself and what she wants. Her behavior is disresepectful towards other women and the institution of marriage itself.

John Edwards was a man whose marriage had been thru the tortures of the death of a son and his wife’s battle with cancer … and he was in the midst of a stressful political campaign. If there was ever a person RIPE for an affair, it was surely he! Hunter simply took advantage of the situation.

Her no-pants-on “sexy photos” reveal the REAL Rielle: homewrecking seductress.

Regi May 3, 2010, 12:55 PM

Let me just say that this whole idea that she says that she is all about honesty is crazy. This must be something they teach the mistresses at homewrecker school! My husband’s mistress said the same thing when I confronted her. She didn’t want to hear any of my lies(including the fact that we were still married at the time of the affair). She is all about the truth. Well how about the truth is that you (and all the mistresses of the world)are the scum of the earth because you slept with a married man and then proceeded to have a love child out of it! And the husbands who create this situation are scum, too. If you are not happy, leave the marriage and sleep around all you want!!! Now that’s the truth!!!

friend June 30, 2010, 3:24 PM

lol… this is funny. i liked the part where she claims that she helps him be his authentic self so the rest of america could see who he truly is. mission accomplished! honestly, though, i think she did love him and she loved him that much to not care that he was married. one person cannot be blamed for an affair between two people. the married man should know better even if he was seduced. all in all, i blame the men no matter the reason.

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