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The Casey Anthony Letters

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The Caylee-Casey family saga continues.

casey anthony

Dr. Michelle Golland: These letters just might be the tipping point in this case. What I mean is, this may be what makes Cindy and George stop supporting their daughter, Casey. If we believe that Casey was involved in the death of her daughter, Caylee -- and we believe that her parents either know this or have further information that would help build a case against her -- the allegations of sexual abuse by Casey against her brother, Lee, and her father, George, may be the thing that blows this wide open.

Let's face it: This family has been fighting since it was revealed that little Caylee was missing. They have continued to be volatile with each other and create chaos even outside of the chaos of losing a child. Casey and her parents disagreed on how to handle the memorial and funeral of Caylee. As a psychologist, I think that the manner in which they have conducted themselves is a reflection of how they managed as a family prior to little Caylee's disappearance. Cindy and Casey have had a challenging and disconnected relationship for a long time. They seemed to be fighting over Caylee even while she was alive. It's been reported that Cindy forced Casey to keep the pregnancy when she would rather have terminated it or adopted it out.

Cindy appears to be a controlling and difficult mother -- and if true, her reaction to Casey's saying that she was sexually abused by her brother is a narcissistic and non-compassionate one as well. According to Casey, when she shared with her mom about the abuse, Cindy said, "That is why you are such a whore!" I must say, I am not shocked by her response. This can often be the reaction of the family when sexual abuse is revealed. It is so overwhelming that they often would rather deny it than deal with it directly and effectively.

It seems that Casey is a pathological liar, but it would not surprise me if she had been sexually abused. The Anthony home, by all accounts, appears to have been a home filled with trauma, in one way or another. My impression of Cindy is that she is a woman who doesn't want to be seen as a mother who would "raise" a daughter that would do this crime. The fact that sexual abuse is being thrown into the mix may be too much for Cindy to tolerate keeping her mouth shut about what she believes may have really happened to little Caylee. It seems to me that Cindy has much more rage toward her daughter than compassion. Even Casey's alluding to sexual abuse by George might make Cindy and her husband decide to save themselves by saving their reputation.

casey anthony

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