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Finnish Company Offers Vacations for Teddy Bears

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Last time we checked, we could barely afford to take our kids on vacation -- let alone their toys! But that's not stopping a tour company in Finland from offering vacations in Lapland called "Teddy Tours." That's right: It's adventure travel for stuffed animals.


For $140 to $216 dollars, you can send your child's teddy on the trip of a lifetime to the heart of Finland. Several itineraries are available, including the "Standard Journey" (which includes a trip to the town of Rovaniemi and a visit with Santa Claus) and the "Luxury Trip," which sends teddy bears on a reindeer-farm visit, followed by horseback riding (!!) and a river cruise.

Of course, all of the activities are documented by photographs. (Sounds a tad shady, considering how easy it is these days to fake pictures with Photoshop ....)

By the way, if your kids want to accompany their beloved stuffed companions, they're out of luck. The Teddy-Tour terms and conditions are very clear: People and living pets may not participate.

Is this idea cute ... or FREAKING CRAZY?! And what would Flat Stanley have to say about it?

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bill June 6, 2010, 9:09 PM

There is another similar tour company which gives teddy bears tours of New York City.

bill June 6, 2010, 9:09 PM

There is another similar tour company which gives teddy bears tours of New York City.

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