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Does Being a Woman = Higher Prices?

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Michele Ashamalla: Something I've suspected for years turns out to be true, according to Consumer Reports.

a woman buying groceries

Products marketed for women are often more expensive than the equivalent product marketed for men. The ones I noticed myself were shaving cream and razors. With those items, I am generally happy with using some of the same brands as my husband, so I can often buy larger quantities. The last time I bought deodorant, though, I wanted to take advantage of the savings by choosing a men's deodorant, but I didn't like any of the scents and the store was out of unscented. I ended up with a woman's baby-powder-scented deodorant that had a buy-one-get-one-free offer going, so it worked out great in terms of price.

Consumer Reports found a big difference in body washes, eye revitalizers and pain medication. (Check that "menstrual" formulation -- it's probably the same as one of the extra-strength ones.) My advice is the same for generic products: Try out the lower-priced item and see if it works for you. Be flexible, in case there's a good store sale going on or you have a coupon for a similar product. Remember, using men's products won't make you less of a woman! And they will go nicely with those grubby sweats you wear at home ....

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