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Robin Miller Rescues You from Your Picky Eater

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Do your kids cringe at the mere sight of carrots -- or start running if they get a glimpse of green beans? Momlogic got the chance to talk with Food Network chef and nutritionist Robin Miller about how to get picky eaters to at least come to the table.

Chef Robin Miller's bestselling cookbook, "Robin Rescues Dinner," focuses on easy, quick and versatile meals that you can make any day of the week. It's perfect for busy moms! Miller has teamed up with Tyson to help moms overcome one of their toughest foes: the feared "picky eater."

Robin believes that the secret to nipping picky eating in the bud is to "keep things in front of them and keep them trying things." She says that she kicked her kids' picky-eating habits early on -- at around age 2. Robin's great tips will have your picky eater cleaning his or her plate in no time! 

Defeating the Dreaded Picky Eater

Let them eat! (with their hands)

Kids love experiencing things with their hands so let them eat with their hands. They may just think that broccoli is cool looking enough to eat.

Finger Food Buffet

Create a "finger food buffet" simply using a muffin tin and bite sized kid-friendly foods. You can sneak protein and vegetables in there without your kids even noticing.

Name Game

Robin suggests creatively changing the names of foods to make them more attractive to kids. Instead of carrots, why not "X-ray vision carrots" or "cheese in the trees" for cheese and broccoli?

Make Old New Again

Instead of preparing veggies the same way all the time switch it up. Try grilling or sauteing instead of baking or steaming. The change of pace may kick start your kid's love of the food.

Try Something New

Try an old stand by like chicken fingers with puree of mango or roasted peppers. Kids are more apt to try something new when it's paired with an old favorite.

Don't Get Hung Up on the Clock

If your child wants to have cheesy broccoli or grilled cheese upon rising let them have it. You don't need to be chained to the clock when it comes to what foods your child wants at what time of day.

Smoothies to the Rescue

If your kids refuse to eat certain veggies or fruits, add them to a smoothie where their taste can be easily hidden by other flavors. This really works with some of those veggies your child doesn't like.

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