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Confession: Julia Roberts Makes Us Feel Inadequate

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Watching Julia Roberts on "Oprah," we couldn't help but feel a little inadequate. The woman sews her kids' clothes, never has a disparaging word to say about her children or her husband ... and just ran a half-marathon in her spare time.

Is she even human?! Here are the lines that made us wonder:

Julia Roberts on "Oprah"

She Took Kids to Eat, Pray, Love

Julia: "When Liz did her journey and wrote this book, she had a carry-on, and I had three children and about sixteen pieces of luggage. You know -- I've got the bags with snacks in it; I've got the bags with medicine in it." Oprah: "And you took them everywhere? You took them to eat, to pray, and to love?" Julia: "We did it all. We ate, we prayed A LOT, and loved infinitely. It was the only way to accomplish it really."

She Never Complains About Her Kids!

"They're so great and sweet and present. That's the thing about being new to the world ... you're just so present and impressed with everything. The older you get, the grumpier you get. 'We gotta get there -- we're gonna be late!' And they're in the car: 'Look at the trees!'"

Her Child Wakes Her Up at 5:30 ... and She Loves It

"Henry woke up the other morning and said, 'It's a beautiful day, Mama.' Which makes 5:30 A LOT prettier! You know, really!"

She Sews Her Kids' Clothes ... to Save Money?!

Julia: "I started taking a sewing class with my girlfriend Sydney because, I mean, kids' clothes are so expensive. And Hazel's dresses are really two pieces of fabric and just knowing how to sew it together ... She just recently asked me to buy her this apron and turn it into a farming dress for her. And I did, and she liked it, and that was a relief." Oprah: "Okay, so are you sewing because you want to just sew because it's soothing for you or are you trying to save money?" Julia: "It's soothing for me, it's fun ... I'm not necessarily just trying to save money but these are hard economical times for some of us, Oprah." Oprah: "Yes, I get it!"

She Lets Her Kids Shave Their Heads

"My kids were really into the culture of every place we went. Hazel wanted to shave her head, so I let her shave the back half of her head. They would chant, and they were just interested."

She Ran a Half-Marathon

"I ran a half-marathon. See how happy I was? I was so happy for thirteen-and-a-half miles. Who would have thought that could happen? ... It was a toy drive so I showed up with my Barbie in a box and put it in the bag, and ran. I was with two girlfriends. I just wanted to show my kids the power of a female body is more than just giving birth, which is a great power. And my kids were out there and they made me a sign and it was awesome!"

She's Found the Perfect Balance

Oprah: "Have you found the perfect balance? There was this one line [in a recent NY Times piece]: 'I am fulfilled by my own life on an hourly basis.'" Julia: "Well, it's nice ... here I am, I have this big family, and we appreciate each other. And we also inspire each other. And it's just really fascinating to me to be in this little biosphere of Moderville where we live and you just go, 'God, life's so cool if you can find that place where you can just watch it happen before your eyes.' I mean, we're just filled with gratitude in our house."

She Is Full of Love, Love, Love

"You can hear all the kids sleeping, breathing. [I'm] holding my husband's hand. Just knowing that tomorrow we get to do it all again." "I have a great family, the family I'm a part of as a sister and a daughter and just really close friends. Then, to get to translate that into being with Danny and our three children, that's the biggest love that you can have. One you almost can't contain."

She Worships Her Husband

"I sort of worship my husband. He really takes my breath away as a human."

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