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Council of Dads: Right On!

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The Council of Dads

Kate Meyers: Bruce Feiler has it right. The bestselling author and writer-presenter of the PBS miniseries "Walking the Bible" has written a new book called "The Council of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness, and the Men Who Could Be Me." (Perfect timing for Father's Day, no?) It's the story of his battle with cancer (he had a malignant tumor in his leg), his dance with mortality (he's not out of the woods yet) and his desire for his twin daughters (age 3 when he was diagnosed) to have many father figures in their lives -- just in case he doesn't survive. Feiler made a list of qualities he thought important, and then decided to ask six of his friends if they would form a "Council of Dads" and be there for his daughters throughout the many passages of their lives.

The question, "Will you help be their dad?" was so deeply intimate that Feiler felt like he was proposing marriage. Intimacy, vulnerability, deep conversation ... bring it on!! As a woman with three older brothers I adore, I know these things are tough for men. But when cancer necessitates this kind of introspection, love prevails. No matter what your opinion of Hillary Clinton (I happen to think she's brilliant), all moms know that it does take a village. And if we're lucky, we also know that love comes in many forms -- and the more loving adults in our children's lives, the better. 

It's heartwarming to read about one dad discovering the beauty of that for himself -- and living to enjoy it.

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